Has this site inspired you, do you glean all sorts of helpful information, enjoy the many pictures of life  here on the urban homestead?   Do you want more?  Would you like to help keep us going and growing?

The kind folks at Franklin Springs Media have give us Homestead Blessings DVD’s to giveaway this month to help us raise funds to keep us online for another year and further continue website upgrades (we’ve been receiving “I have problems with” emails, we are still working on improving this site with limited resources so please be patient with us)

How to Enter

1. Subscribe by making a monthly, tax-deductible* donation of $6.00 or more through PayPal to our non profit, Dervaes Institute, for one year. You will receive your choice of a Homestead Blessings DVD, while supplies last.

Choose from these titles made by the West Ladies of Tennessee:

The Art of Dairy Delights
The Art of Cooking
The Art of Sewing
The Art of Canning
The Art of Gardening
The Art of Growing Herbs
The Art of Bread Making
The Art of Candle Making
The Art of Soap Making

3. Current monthly donors are also eligible to receive a DVD.

What are you waiting for? Sign up to become a monthly donor today!

Thank you kindly for your support of this website and our other outreach projects.

*One DVD is a $20 value. Please take this into account for tax reporting purposes.


Or you could just go ahead and purchase a DVD or any of the Homestead Blessings 3-DVD collections that we carry on Peddler’s Wagon.


  1. Chris says:

    I have all of these DVD’s except for the latest sewing one which is on it’s way. If you are a newbie homesteader, these are FANTASTIC! If you are an experienced homesteader, then you probably know most of what they are teaching. However, the West Ladies are so charming and sweet they are still worth having in your DVD library for educational entertainment for the young ‘uns, a potluck and other folks. These DVD’s “pay it forward”. It supports the Dervaes family and they are teaching “back to basics” that are like finding a beautiful rare find at a swap meet, flea market or yard sale.

    My only other comment is: Love to purchase a Dervaes set of DVD’s in all of these subjects!

  2. Ronald says:

    when is the next pot luck and movie night?

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