Well we are almost back to our regular scheduled posting here at LHITC after a brief bout with a mutant flu virus and flurry of extracurricular activity (highlighted in the entries below).

Have to mention one more thing before we continue that we did mosey on down to San Diego Thursday night to attend a screening of Homegrown Revolution. I’ll post that and photos later.

We can’t wait for things to go back to normal or slightly normal if at all because we have lots of work to do – planting, planting and more planting!

So Cal did get some rain while we were gone so that’s a blessing and so late in the season.  Hopefully the heavens will open up a few more times before the dry season descends leaving us longing for a dose of liquid sunshine.

With spring and the planting flurry that ensues I hope many of you considered buying your seeds from And those of you who did we thank you for your support!   You help keep this site and our sister social network growing!

Coming back after 6 days away – the garden has really taken off.  Everything is green, lush and in need of pickin’

With the bottleneck of postings out of the way, everything should be back to normal next week.  So look forward to our weekly meal wrap up and more.

You know what’s for dinner? Peas!

Oh and we look forward to seeing some of you this Sunday at our Spring Celebration complete with Swap N Meet, Local Foods Potluck and inspiring Documentary.

Let’s get growing food closer to home.


  1. Maureen says:

    Welcome back! We had our first meal with homegrown peas last night and they were yummy! The plants are covered in pods so it looks like a good harvest this year.

    May I ask how much space you have for paths between your raised beds. We are laying out a garden in a neighbors yard (sharecropping – her land for our veggies) and thought we needed 2 feet between beds, but yours look closer than that. Is there enough room to get in and work comfortably?

  2. lavonne says:

    You came to San Diego, and I missed it! How could that happen? And I wanted to see Homegrown Revolution too. Damn.

  3. Rondi says:

    I do grow a garden every year and can and freeze some. I have never made any profit .It actually cost more than what I get from it. I have raised chickens, and got eggs etc, but stopped because it cost to much for feed. The same with goats. I raised two from bottle
    and breed them and milked for a year but still cost more than buying regular milk. What is the secret?

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