There are going to be a few posts (this one and a few after) that are going to catch you up on the happenings which are now a part of our lives.  For me, this online journal is all about keeping records of the events in our lives and, sometimes, such goings on happen in bunches!

After an extremely busy week, on Saturday we enjoyed a day of rest .  Late in the afternoon we took our goats for their weekly walk.  I don’t know who misses the goat walks more – we or the goats!  But it is just so relaxing for us girls to clear our heads.  The weather’s been just perfect lately.  We just want to spend the time outdoors before the intense, smoggy-summer heat bears down on us.

Sunday, we hosted our ever popular monthly Film & Food Night.  And what a night it was!  So many new faces and a few old familiar ones.  Over 80 people attended – which was surprising, considering it was a holiday weekend!  Everyone brought some incredible dishes – thanks for putting in the effort  to make these potlucks fresh and local.

We brought out the goats and a few of our chickens for people to pet and to learn about keeping animals in the city.   Farmer J manned the FG table along with a few fellow gardening comrades – showing how to make soil blocks and answering every gardening question under the sun.  Farmer D showed how to use ollas in the garden and talked about our ever work in progress water conservations methods here on the urban homestead.

After watching eyeopening film ‘ The American Southwest – Are We Running Dry,’ which ended slightly more optimistic than what we think the future holds for us here in the west, Farmer D gave a pop quiz  which awarded 10 lucky winners prizes.

Water is a big issue for us and we know that we have to do more to conserve this precious resource.  So, hopefully, there are some new water projects in the works (if we now can just find a slot of time!)

Farmer D show’s how to use ollas effectively in the garden

Farmer J mans the FG swap n trade table

Lady Fairlight gives kisses

Chow line!

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Staycationing and finding/making fun in our own “backyard”

On Monday we had our annual Memorial Day Picnic where we bring the goats (yeah, they had a busy weekend and LOVED every minute of it!) down to beautiful the Lower Arroyo Seco.

Friends brought their dogs and even a cockatoo along which accompanied us on the walk after polishing off some delicious homegrown and homemade dishes.

It was perfect picnic weather and as we walked the goats we nibbled on wild California currants that grew along the trail.

It was nice to take a breather, enjoy nature and better yet only less than 5 minutes from our home!

Table full of good food and friends

And lots to talk about!

Dogs, bird, people and goats get ready for a little stroll along the Arroyo Seco

Lady Fairlight leads the way!


  1. Kathy Mark says:

    This was a great post and I really appreciated the links you included. I live in WA state and can’t get down to your wonderful meetings…are there any tutorials on how to use the ollas?

  2. Fostermamas says:

    It’s great to see an olla in action in that photo there. I wonder if I could combine an olla into my squarefoot garden. ….

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