The Saturday after Thanksgiving we hosted our (think it’s) Sixth Annual “After Thanksgiving” gathering.    New and old friends and this time around even a few of our front porch farm stand customers were invited to celebrate good food and good times.

And it was a great night indeed!  With amazing food, fellowship and good ol’ fashion music (guitar, banjo and flute) with renditions of Angeline the Baker,  Cluck Old Hen, Orphan Girl Wildwood Flower, Down by the River to Pray I’ll Fly Away and a few other old Appalachian Tunes.

Hadn’t had so much fun in quite sometime.

How’d you spend your holiday, care to share?


Incoming! LOL Don't quite know why we both ducked at the same time.

Ooolala. A HUGE Apple Pie

Give me some of that old time music!

We sing & play some old tunes for the guests

Some even join in the foot stomping music fun

Gift of Music

Speaking of homegrown music, our dear friends and fellow homesteaders in Tennessee sent us a stack of their CD ‘Father Along’

Here on the urban homestead we really enjoy playing their CD.  In fact, we play it over and over and over and over again – singing along too!  Their songs just brighten our day and are such a wonderful blessing to listen to.

We are selling their CD’s this holiday season, so get them while supplies last! – BUY NOW

Beautiful family harmony from the Appalachian hills; ballads, old country and originals written and sung in their timeless way.

The West Girls consist of a close knit family of a mother and three daughters. The West Girls latest CD, Farther Along, is rich in family harmonies, old hymns, and beautiful originals that will encourage and bless your spirit and soul. Featuring their hit song, “ Green Beans in the Garden” which children especially enjoy.

Seven of the ten songs were written by the West family. These songs that reflect their home life, growing up where the “creek is bubblin’ too” and show their love and thankfulness for all life.

The West’s make their living at home in the beautiful valley which is a horse and buggy community literally flowing with milk and honey in the hills of Tennessee.


  1. Deanna says:

    Sounds like a great Thanksgiving and after! 🙂

    I have the West Ladies cd and we love it around our small homestead.

  2. Matt J says:

    We love the “O Brother Where Art Thou” music, we listen to that album all the time. You must have some pretty talented musicians over there. Someday I’ll learn to play. Someday I might even learn to sing in tune.

    • Anais says:

      @Matt J: Tis a great move and music. Oh, we are trying! I love singing but really need to practice playing… something to work on in the new year!

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