Justin harvested some (8lbs) potatoes today.  My mouth is watering just thinking of the potatoes slightly steamed with lemon butter and chives – oh boy!   The meals this week are going to reflect this recent harvest blessings.

This year we grew the taters from organic spuds brought at a local organic market.  Justin cut (in half) the potatoes and put them on a bed of wet sand until they sprouted “eyes.”  These sprouted eyes were then planted in a couple of whiskey barrels.

Here are some of this years growing results!

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  1. Emily B says:

    Thank you for the pictures of the spuds, they look so yummy.
    I find it fasinating that you grew them in half barrells. I am planting the first of our autumn crop this weekend, so I am very curious! 🙂
    I have only ever grown spuds in hessian sacks or in the ground, I have never used containers as I was worried they would rot.
    Obviously not! You have my wheels turning…..

  2. Kiory says:

    I am supposed to be recieving my seed taters soon. I’ve never grown them before and am nervous but excited. I’ve got the garlic chives ready, now to find some local sour cream…cant wait, thanks for the inspiring pictures.

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