At Home Pasadena

This Thursday we urban homesteaders are invited to a reception to celebrate the publication of a local, homegrown book titled ‘At Home Pasadena‘ This book features different homes, gardens and residents of our Rose City and we are honored to have been included.

Interspersed among the pages of lovely arts & craft style homes, estates and renovated homes are a bunch of homegrown radicals.   Yep, that’s us. PTF’s homegrown urban homestead project is featured in an appropriately titled chapter ‘Saving the World – At Home‘ that includes a well written piece about the urban homestead and 5 1/2 full color pages of photos (in total there are about 29 photos of the PTF urban homestead in this book) showcasing the yard/garden, cob oven, the family (we gals are featured once again withClare’s lovely aprons), our animals (goat and chickens — there’s a extremely cute photo of pygmy goat blackberry peeking out from underneath urban farmgirl, Jordanne’sapron), homebrew biodiesel operation and much more.

:: Attention Readers :: We need your input!   I know, I know.   It’s far cry from our very own urban homesteading book which is long overdue, but would you be interested in supporting PTF by purchasing ‘At Home Pasadena‘ book if we carried it onPTF’s online store — Peddler’s Wagon?

Retail cost is $39.95 (hardcover, 177 pgs)

Let us know, if there’s any interest we’ll consider buying a few at wholesale. Otherwise if there’s little interest, we’ll just pass.

Input welcome because we are weeks away from the re-launch of the new Peddler’s Wagon and we could use your help and support.

Thank you very much.

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  1. Kristie Roberts says:

    Back in September you mentioned building a new animal building. Have I missed pictures of the finished project?

  2. talithia407 says:

    The price is a little high. But with the prices of milk, gas etc. At least I could sit down and read instead of worrying all the time.