Farmer D coined this revolutionary call to action back in 2004 on the fourth printing of our PTF brochure (nearly 30,000 of these brochures have been sent out!).

The brochure stated that through sustainable steps, our family has brought about a “homegrown revolution.” Our urban homestead was our living form of pro active protest against a dysfunctional system. We were being the change, by living the solution – every day.

TreeHugger TV knew we were onto something, and did a piece on our urban homestead project borrowing our catchy ‘Homegrown Revolution’ title in 2006.

Now, this revolutionary slogan has made it to organic, eco screen tees which fellow homegrown revolutionaries can wear with pride.

The shirts arrived today! The wait is over, you should be getting your very own homegrown tee in the mail next week! It took longer than anticipated. With the recent hot weather, the company which eco screens them wasn’t able to screen the tees in such hot weather hence the delay.

Thanks for your support. Let’s bring the revolution home.

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