Since Homegrown Revolution is now an “official short film” Jordanne finished whipping up a website for our little 15 minute homegrown production (still a few things that need to be fixed on the site but it’s usable)

When Wild & Scenic Film Festival came calling they had us down for 12 minutes.   While editing Jordanne was hitting the 25 minute mark and had to edit it down keep near the 12 minutes mark.  We did, however, squeezed in three extra minutes hoping that the festival folks didn’t mind and it wouldn’t hurt our schedule time slot.

If you have seen the original one on Youtube that’s the one we hurriedly threw together in three days for Farmer D’s presentation at UCLA back in Fall of 2007, this newer version has been totally redone – new scenes, interviews, music and more.

The 2007 version was a collection of other people’s footage and popular mix of music that we put together on a whim.    Having been selected to a film festival we had to re shoot the entire video ourselves and remove practically all the music and use stock music instead.  Even though we were thrilled about the prospects of the invite to the film festival, the hardest thing was to keep to the same feel and flavor of the old version.

Of course, we have hopes of adding to it in the future, heck it could eventually be a whole hour or even a series.    Not that we have time for that now, but overall the short does a good job sharing our sustainable journey.

Here’s the latest screening news

Homegrown Revolution @ Reel Matters (January 27, 2009)

Nashville, Indiana screening of Homegrown Revolution at Lotus Petal Cinema. Lotus Petal Cinema is Nashville, Brown County Indiana’s Premier Independent Cinema & Entertainment Venue.

If you are in Indiana, check out this revolutionary 15 minute film and get inspired! After the film, tell us what you think! We’d like to hear from you

WHEN: Tuesday, January 27 2009 06:00 PM
TICKET PRICE: $3, RSVP required

WHERE: Lotus Petal Cinema
75 S. Jefferson St.
Nashville, Indiana 47448

See the website for more details


  1. TheOrganicSister.com says:

    Is there a way to setup a screening in Las Vegas? The Springs Preserve would be an awesome place to show this and I’m just dying to see it.

    Also, would you consider doing a Q & A blog every so often? Commenters can post questions and you can post a blog answering them?

    I’m asking because my question is, how much did you start off planting the first year and how much did you add subsequent years? I have 1800 sq ft and I’m anxious to dive right in (and bought the seed to prove it) but I’m wondering if it’s unrealistic and how others did it.

    I’m going to be in San diego in early september. I sure hope there is some event that comes up around that time so I can attend and meet my inspiration!


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