Well, close enough!

My sister and I are suckers for India films – yeah,  I know, you learn more and more about us every time you read this blog!  Don’t know if it’s the scenery, old fashion/family values or their dance/singing routines (when boy meets girl) but the movies are certainly enjoyable to watch.

Having just been screened at an Environmental Film Festival in Torino Italy, our little homemade-in home film production of HomeGrown Revolution will be makings it’s way 1/2 way cross the globe with a screening at the5th CMS VATAVARAN, the premier Environment and Wildlife Film Festival, in New Dehli India this week.

Hopefully our many Indian readers will check out this important film festival and perhaps catch our little film as our family shares our journey to be the change we wish to see by living a solution.

You can purchase the new, updated version HomeGrown Revolution (16 min) film — all proceeds will go towards maintaining and expanding our network of sites and local community outreach which is growing by the day!

Also it’s interesting to note that older versioin (beta 1) on YouTube has surpassed a quarter of a MILLION views!

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