We chat with the people after the film, fielding questions, etc., about our urban homestead.

and enjoying the conversation!

Farmer D chats with the famous ‘Tangerine Man’

Justin and I talk with the producer Robert McFalls and Arthur who was the camera guy.

We traveled to the quaint town of Ojai (1.5 hrs) north of LA for a special screening of the 52 min documentary HOMEGROWN put on by FOOD FOR THOUGHT last night.

This was the first time our family was able to attend a public screening with the producer so Ojai was in for a surprise having both of us there on the same night!

When we accepted their invitation, I thought “great, we’ll make a day of it.”  I spent a few hours online searching for for farms/ranches for sale in the area.   I did find a few that struck my fancy but the selling prices pretty much smothered that dream of more land…

Funny thing though, that little town, nestled in the beautiful valley, had always been a favorite of ours.

I was telling one of the lovely ladies that put on the event last night that, in the film, it mentions that, about 15 years ago, we were looking for land. But what the film didn’t say was that the place we were interested purchasing property in was Ojai!  So it seems a little ironic that we were in Ojai once again….

Thank you to Food for Thought (Lori and crew) for their extremely warm hospitality.  Also, a big thank you for Jim aka ‘Tangerine Man’ who met us on our arrival and, subsequently, gave us a box of the best (and most famous) tangerines in the world!   Thank you for your gift!

It was a lovely evening with warm, wonderful people and the sweetest pixie tangerines you’ll ever eat (some of which I am enjoying right this minute for breakfast this morning – um actually I just polished off about 5)

View more photos of the screening courtesy Timothy Teague


  1. TJ Ferreira says:

    Does anyone know if this 52 minute Homegrown movie will ever be sold on DVD?


  2. AROUND THE HOMESTEAD | Little Homestead in the City says:

    […] HOMEGROWN, OJAI | […]

  3. Michelle says:

    But if you moved to more land you would no longer be “Little Homestead in the City”…which seems to be so much of the draw and the major part of the inspiration! Just my two cents…I’d hate to see what you’ve accomplished go away. Not to mention…it gives those of us with city lots hope that it can be done and that we DON’T need property to live the dream!

  4. Tim says:

    I’m interested in the movie as well..if/when it comes out on dvd can you tell me how to get it? Your lifestyle must be difficult for a city dweller like myself to adjust to, but the rewards appear well worth the effort. Final question; do you/your family consider yourselves 100% sustainable?

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