Speaking of small actions, the latest “small” action to have such a positive impact is the “community” sitting spaces in the front garden.    Word has been spreading that it’s more than a place to relax and refresh with a cup of tea or coffee, enjoy the bees, butterflies and bird songs…. there are also Sounds of Music!

Local musicians have started gravitating to the Urban Homestead as a hang out.  Sweet! We don’t mind at all;  in fact, we  love joining in when we can.  Though  I’ve been so busy lately, I may just have to dust off my ‘geetar’ and start practicing again.  BTW, my finger healed up just fine, no scars!

You know,  Sis thinks we could be onto something here.  She might just be right!  Local musicians (heck, even traveling ones), are wanting to play so we’ll set up a  video camera and upload the “sessions” to YouTube.

Just like this one

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhReUei6jZQ]

Watch out Austin City Limits!

Front Porch Farm Stand (& community hang out)

Open SUN thru FRI  10 AM – 8 PM

Stop by support local foods & food artisans.  Avocados are NOW on sale too!


  1. Victoria says:

    That’s great. Loved his song. If I lived closer, I would stop by with my harp.

  2. Trish says:


  3. Ginger says:

    I love your front porch farm stand and sittin’ space. Maybe someday I’ll get to SC again for another visit. Thanks for the inspiration.You all are perfect examples of what made America great….before it started sliding into socialism and entitlement seekers.

    Now I want some chips and guac…that guy is hilarious. AND he has a good voice, too.

    Glad your finger is better.

    Guess what! I planted another espalier apple tree in my front yard today and have several mini-dwarf fruit trees and some blueberry bushes on the way. We’re getting rid of most ornamental in favor of groceries. Bring on the mulch.

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