Just some random images taken Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a few anecdotes to boot.


With Mother’s Day,  Friday was a busy day picking and packing salad, greens, herbs and edible flowers.  Just to give you an idea, we picked/packed over 1000 flowers and 11 plus lbs of salad!

One of our clients said that since Oprah piece aired many of his customers are coming in and asking for the DerVaes Salad/Greens by name.

We also received an email from one of the assistant/apprentice chefs which said:

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Hello Dervaes family,
My name is JS. I’ve been working a Elements Kitchen for a few months and using your delicious greens in many of our special salads. All i knew about you was that you were local and I thought that was great. Then we started getting photographers and film-makers capturing me make the salads and i thought, “whats up with all this attention”.
I finally got around to checking you out on the internet, watching numerous videos and stopping by to check out your location. I was truly amazed and i think that you all should be commended and looked upon by our society as examples. It really inspires me to do my best to be self sufficient. I really think our country, our world is in definite trouble and the only way we could improve is to do exactly what your doing.

Ok, well i’ll see you on the next delivery, until then, much appreciation.  – JS

The urban homestead’s utility porch complete with hanging food dryers, three solar ovens, hand washer and outdoor galvanized sinks and a solar clothes dryer (yeah, just a fancy name for a clothes line)

Homegrown music

Bare feetsies or is it footsies?

We have our PTF/FG staff & volunteers over for a slow food dinner and discussion about helping out at upcoming events

Weekend goat walk and gleaning for free goat food

Turning over, the garden transforms to summer crops.

Chickens hanging out together.

Eggplant blossoms


  1. Heather says:

    You are doing such wonderful things. Keep on inspiring the rest of us to follow suit.

  2. Cc says:

    Beautiful!!! Do you have any pictures in the archive’s of the hanging strawberries? Any closeups? Thanks for everything! C

  3. Michelle says:

    Beautiful photos…you are all such an inspiration. I did a little bit of reading up on edible perennials…thinking of taking out the lawn…and then sprung it on my husband. He’s not quite in agreement…yet! I guess I should just be happy with the fact that he was agreeable to have chickens on our city lot! And he did agree to a fruit tree out front in the side planter…so that’s a good start! Maybe I’ll add in a rosemary bush and some more lavender…!

    Thanks for sharing your lives…it’s great food for thought.

  4. LittleAntFarm says:

    I love the photos from your homestead. They are so full of life and spirit. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  5. Cc says:

    I was wondering what size pots you use for your citrus trees, and are the citrus dwarf or miniature citrus, or just plan sized trees? Also, do you grow allot of different trees in pots, or do you find permanent places for them in the garden? I love to see your pictures, as they speak volumes!!! Thankyou so much. C

  6. Chiot's Run says:

    I need to get a few of those solar dryers. HMMM, perhaps I’ll get Mr Chiots to work building me a nice solar dehydrator for all of my summer bounty.

    The gardens are looking great! I always love photos of the gardens.

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