I can’t begin to tell you how busy we have been and I’ve been doing my best to post updates.  Sadly, updates have been somewhat lacking; however, I do miss my somewhat lengthy chats with our readers.  Believe me, I haven’t forgotten about y’all!   Not to mention that my brain is overflowing with informative and quirky stories from life here at “little homestead” but I only have two hands (last I checked) LOL.

Times are a ‘changing and I’m having to rearrange my schedule to grow along the demands of our Front Porch Farm Stand customers.   What started in the small corner of the front porch is growing right before my very eyes (plant nursery & garden sitting area).   Ever since I was a little, I wanted to run a store. So now this little farm stand is beginning to grow and support not only our farm but also other farmers and local food artisans in the area.   I started this “front porch” farm stand as a way to reach out  and sell our produce directly to the community.  Daily, we have face to face contact with the community.  Customers and clients develop into friendships, bringing us to a whole new chapter here at the Urban Homestead.   And we are still writing it as we speak!

This Sunday, we are hosting a special English Tea (by reservation only) and seatings are filling up fast! It’s certainly exciting times for us and our customers as we grow before our very eyes.

Stay tuned for new chapters and don’t forget to drop by and shop for that special gift for Mom (Acorn Flour Baking Mixes, Heirloom Seeds, Preserves, Organic Coffee, Chocolate and more!)

Some of the items you can purchase online


  1. ~Monica says:

    I just love all that you are doing! I’ve always had a dream of having my own roadside stand selling eggs, flowers, produce, baked goods and preserves. I don’t believe there is anything more heavenly than the lifestyle you all lead – hard work and all. Thank you for continuing to share & inspire here : )

  2. martin, outer hebrides says:

    You guys are doing a great job, for the right reasons. Keep it up, good luck. 🙂

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