HOMEGROWN DIET – Winter Edition

Preparing fried green tomatoes


B – homemade waffles (with homeraised eggs) with homemade homegrown pomegranate syrup

D – homemade spanish rice (organic rice, homegrown frozen tomatoes, homegrown frozen peppers, homegrown frozen green onions and spices) with homemade w.w. flour tortillas topped with organic cheese, homegrown fresh tomatoes and homegrown cilantro and organic black beans


B – homemade granola

L – leftovers from SAT

D – leftovers SAT


B – homemade granola

L – homegrown fried green tomatoes with homegrown salad

D – grilled raw cheese sandwhich (with homegrown tomatoes) on homemade rosemary bread with homegrown salad with homegrown tomatoes


B – homemade granola

L – homemade lentil loaf (homegrow herbs, homeraised eggs, organic lentils and salvaged ‘second hand’ bread from tea shop) with homegrown fried green tomatoes

D – sun warmed (in solar oven) homemade lentil loaf with homegrown salad with homegrow tomatoes


B – homemade granola

L – leftover lentil loaf with steamed homegrown greens with homegrown salad

D – organic mac & cheese with homegrown broccoli and homegrown snow peas with homegrown salad


B – homemade granola

L – baked homegrown tromboncino squash with homegrown salad

D – pizza topped with mozarella cheese, homegrown tomatoes, homegrown pea shoots and roasted homegrown eggplant


B – homemade granola

L – homegrown fried green tomatoes with homegrown baked squash

D – homemade tomato sauce(homegrown fresh tomatoes, homegrown frozen peppers, homegrown frozen green onions, homegrown herbs) with organic w.w. pasta with homemade butter biscuit with homegrown salad and homemade homegrown eldberry wine

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  1. Mia says:

    Not a menue question but..I want to plant some dwarf fruit trees. I know there are recomendations for their spacing from the nurseries. What I was wondering is how close can I really put them. What are your thougts? Thanks!

  2. mandi says:

    I’m not sure if your posted this before, but would you please share your homemade w.w. flour tortillas. thanks and I really enjoy reading your journal. your my daily inspiration.