Hanging and chatting around the Freedom Gardens Swap N Trade table

One of the Freedom Gardeners checks out her new FOOD PANTRIE DRYER as she prepares to preserve her garden harvest.

Feeding Blackberry

Enjoying good food and conversation

Movie is about to begin!

I scream time, er, ice cream time!   Dig in ya’ll

In the cool, almost quiet, of the late evening….

Once again nearly 100 turned up for PTF’s popular monthly film and food night. Thanks to all those who showed up an on incredibly hot and muggy evening.  The food spread was great once again and it was wonderful to see some familiar and a bunch of new faces at this event.   As usual we couldn’t get around to meet and greet everyone but know that your support and participation in these events are greatly appreciated.

Another big thanks to our hard core volunteers, we couldn’t do this events without your help.

Overhearing conversations from the Freedom Gardens table there was some gardening woes going around.  Once again the weather is throwing a monkey wrench into everyone’s gardening efforts – everything from problems with pollination to pest and diseases.   2009 is shaping up to a be a rough year don’t you think?  What’s weird is some crops are doing great while others are lagging and don’t look like they’ll ever get their groove.

Since quite a number of you skedaddled right after the film showing, wanted to apologize about the air conditioning in the building.  I know it was warm – sorry.  Don’t know why we couldn’t bring room to a more comfortable, cooler temperature.  But as we joked about, cinema ala European style, it may be that such screenings in the future will be like this if we are to prepare for a climate changed world.  So look at last night as an exercise in a post carbon world.

And last but not least a huge thank to you one of our volunteers, Susan M,  who treated us after the event with raw, local organic sorbet and Kelly who brought some homemade chocolate truffles.  Truly hit the spot after a long, hot and muggy evening.  Actually, instead of heading home everyone stayed around for a couple hours afterwards- probably some (including us) would have opted to sleep outside if we had any patch of soft grass.  Boy, it was hot!   The ice cream really mellowed everyone out and dropped our internal temperatures about 15 degrees.  I think there’s been some hinting from our volunteers to do it again.  I’m all for it!

Some of you have put up suggestions for the next event, thank you for that.

Oh, I will have to show one of our new/old aprons a friend of our’s brought as a gift.  Hint – so 70’s, so very Laura Ingalls.  Why would you think anything else?

Check out more event photos from last night

Don’t forget Farmer D will be giving a 2 hour presentation at the Pasadena main library this Sunday (2:30 pm – 5:00 pm)


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