The film crew is here once again going through a few shots and interviews that need to be wrapped up before the final cut. Should be the last time they are here until probably sometime in April to shoot an outdoor event here on the urban homestead. In between filming, we get brief snippets of time to work around the house, garden and on the website.

Although there is not time to write a post today, enjoy these homegrown revolutionaries’ recent 100 Foot Diet’ challenge entries:

Wildside shows us her winter garden’s face and adds that she’s thrilled to see greens peeking through.

The Agrarian Journey family whips up another great homegrown and local meal; their meal even includes chicken, which they raised in their backyard.

Alameda Garden is on meal 4 of the challenge and is still smashing through all those pumpkins and talks about the planning involved in being a homegrown locavore.

So Pasadena resident’s homegrown meal

Another local urban homesteader shares in an email his recent homegrown feast. He writes:

The “Wild Parrots of South Pasadena” did me the favor of knocking down lots and lots of the neighbors Avocados into my yard, so I’m upto my ears in guacamole.

Anyway, I wanted to share this picture of lunch today [SEE ABOVE}, because I thought it was not only local, but beautiful.

HG mesclun lettuce, tatsoi, mibuna, mustard, parsley, celery, radishes, onion tops, carrots, and strawberries. And of course Avocado. I topped it off with a HM dressing of oil, vinegar, meyer lemon juice and HG pickled garlic (lots) YUMMY!  – Guy M

The dish is absolutely gorgeous. If he’s not careful I think a mass migration of snow bound, frozen, cold northerners just may end up on his front door for dinner. Southern Californians have “the life” don’t we? Homegrown eats like this in winter have everyone drooling and green with envy. 😉

Another great round of meals everyone!

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  1. wildside says:

    “If he’s not careful I think a mass migration of snow bound, frozen, cold northerners just may end up on his front door for dinner. ”

    Hmmm… Yes… What’s his address?! (I’m kidding, of course, but that sure looks delectable and not something we’d ever see homegrown here!)

  2. Renee says:

    Oh, that looks amazing. I dream of the day I could ever be “up to my ears in guacamole”. Doubtful to ever happen in Portland, Oregon, although who knows with our global warming trend!

  3. lee carleton says:

    Is there any way to get a copy of the film? We are doing a human rights week on campus at the university of southern maine, and i’d love to show your film in conjunction with our presenter who will be speaking out against GMOs.
    Glad to see it’s not just us folks in the country that are living off our back yards. Keep up the inspiring growing!

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