Now we are starting to see inklings of a summer harvest – finally!  The weather is cool for this time of year – nights and mornings especially.  Could it be the coolest August EVER?

Here’s some of the gorgeous goodies we harvested this week.   The fruits of our labor are finally paying off with the earth’s blessings.

That’s what I am talking about! Counter, floors filled with summer’s bounty!


  1. 1916home.net says:

    Awesome everyone! Nice work!

  2. ourlivies says:

    Awsome pictures! You are right about this August being the coolest EVER! I am afraid our camping nights will be very cold!. I have a question, Anais, will your home farm be opened up for tour/field trip whence school starts?

  3. Tommy says:

    How do you keep your tomatoes from cross-pollinating and changing the fruits? This is my first year growing tomatoes, and I have seen this in a couple of the tomatoes—they tend to take on some characteristics of other varieties that are nearby…..Help!!!

  4. ruthie says:


  5. Julie says:

    I agree – fruit has been slow to ripen. And for my veggies, I don’t think they’ve gotten very big this year either. My ‘big belgium” tomatoes did though. But my cantaloupes have left a lot to be desired – but apparently a couple of been desired by animals as the middles were eaten clean through!

  6. Tracey Tiret says:

    Lots of Oregon blueberries; So many plums; So little apples and raspberries. Confusing, but every year is a puzzle. Extra mild Winter, very warm Spring and a hot Summer.

  7. Alex says:

    what’s the name of the cookbook in the last picture? looks vaguely familiar…

  8. Humberto says:

    Nice to meet you.
    I´m brazilian
    I watched on TV about you.
    Forgive my mistakes.
    I´m a begginer at English.
    God bless you.
    August 14, 2009 At 9:54 PM Brazil S.Paulo…..Marília.
    I love nature too!!!!!!

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