(Women’s Land Army Song)

Back to the land, we must all lend a hand.
To the farms and the fields we must go.
There’s a job to be done,
Though we can’t fire a gun
We can still do our bit with the hoe…
Back to the land, with its clay and its sand,
Its granite and gravel and grit,
You grow barley and wheat
And potatoes to eat
To make sure that the nation keeps fit…
We will tell you once more
You can help win the war
If you come with us – back to the land

While hunting for Victory Garden resources, I stumbled across a forgotten part of the home front movement – the women’s land army. While the men were off on fighting on foreign soils, women joined the home front war efforts in raising a nation’s food.

Women’s Land Army

The Women’s Land Army” was the forgotten victory of the Second World War. While troops fought on the front line, a battalion of young women joined up to take their place as agricultural workers. Despite many of them coming from urban backgrounds, these fearless, cheerful girls learnt how to look after farm land, operate and repair machinery, rear and manage farm animals, harvest crops and provide the work force that was badly needed in the years of the war. Back-breaking work such as thinning crops, continuous hoeing and digging made way for disgusting tasks such as rat-killing. Yet despite it all, the land girls were exuberant, fun-loving and hard-working, and became known for their articulate, feisty, humorous and modest attitude. It therefore comes as no surprise that despite hostility and teasing at the beginning, these robust farm workers won the hearts of the nation, and at the disbandment of the Land Army in the 1950s, the farming community were forced to eat their words.” – Book ‘They Fought in the Fields’

Onward Garden Soldiers!

Join PTF and our recent home front efforts. Combat climate change, oil dependence, corporate take over of our food supply — grow, eat and preserve your own food.

Look forward to PTF’s Victory Garden/100 foot Diet community site coming soon. A new platform where you can share your homegrown efforts.

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  1. Florence says:

    There is a 1998 movie The Land Girls about 3 young women in the Land Army.

  2. Lucy says:

    Would love to know where that quote came from – “They Fought in the Fields”? Book? Website?


  3. Anais says:

    Hello Florence

    Yes, I saw that and, even better, the movie has two of my fave British actors — Steven Mackintosh & Anna Friel (they played together in OUR MUTAL FRIEND).


    Sorry forgot to put that credit notation in (has been added). The quote is from the book ‘They Fought in the Fields” http://tinyurl.com/2r6jhw

    I just love the posters and photos I have come across in my web wanderings.


  4. P~ says:

    I love the old Victory garden and that type of posters. I think I’ll print off some of them and hang them up in the garage for when the heat kicks in and I don’t want to go out and tend the garden. They were the “greatest generation” weren’t they.

    Good post!

  5. Anais says:

    Howdy P~

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I, too, love those old posters and have been collecting them from online sources for a few years now. I have a whole folder on my desktop now with such vintage posters.

    As for the greatest generation. I agree!

    How’s your chicks coming along?


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