We’ve been brewing our own biodiesel (using free waste veggie oil) since Jan 2004 (also see out biodiesel photo gallery) and the book (and only book) that help us get started is the Biodiesel Homebrew Guide by backyard brewmeister Maria “Mark” Alovert. Maria’s been influential in the homebrew biodiesel movement.  Her simple to read methods and DIY processor were easy for us to understand as we searched for fuel solutions.

Farmer D or should I say Biodiesel D did improve GirlMark’s original design to make it more compact – and she liked it when she came down from San Fran to attend one of our mixers.  Biodiesel D’s better design has now been duplicated by many, many biodiesel aficionados.

Over the biodiesel years, we’ve fielded many an email, phone calls and face to face questions at earth day events and driving round town with the signs on the Bio Burban and this outreach has inspired thousand of people to look for fuel alternatives.

Now Available

We have, through the years, referred tons of folks to this book and now you can now purchase Maria Alovert’s book from the Peddler’s Wagon! (free shipping)  Just another item that we urban homesteaders have found useful in our urban sustainable journey.

Though we can’t stress enough that we believe that homebrew biodiesel is only a bandaid solution to our oil addiction and crisis, that doesn’t mean that it’s not one of the most popular questions we urban homesteaders are often asked (besides ‘when are you going to write a book’)

Of course, when we do use our bio car we make wise use of it (less than 4,000 miles a year) and prefer two (or four) feet and two wheels for the best alternative mode of transporation instead.

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