We are back after a wet (cold) and wonderful trip to Northern California.  Arriving home late last night after a long but gorgeous drive down the coast!

Details and photos of our trip coming soon (have to remember everything that happened – certainly crammed in a lot in such a short time)  Have tons of photos and stories to sort through so be patient.  Not to mention got to get ya’ll caught up on life here on the urban homestead (lots there too)

Thanks for all the great emails and comments while we were away. Especially those of you who bought and received the LHITC calendars!

We did get some letters/donations in the mail and I will thank you all properly too.

In the meantime it’s good to be home like my sis commented on her Facebook page and come back to “Goat hugs, kitty kisses, duckie chatter, buzzin’ bees and chicken cuddling.”

As for me, after 8 days on the road – no shoes are a welcome relief (socks and a handknit slippers is the way to go)   Ahhhhhh……

It’s good to be home! Well, the home part, not the backlog of work part!

And what a blessing the rains have been.  Think we got about 10″ (which is 1/2 our annual rainfall) in just one week.  Reportedly there’s more storms on the horizon – looks like it’s going to be a wet year.  The garden rejoices!

Enjoy the sunshine folks!


  1. Wendy says:

    I figured it was about time I said Hi. I’ve been reading stuff by you folks on the web “forever”. I am guilty of rarely making a comment. In my younger years I had a big homestead, but I sold it November 2005

    Now I live in the NY Adirondacks in an apartment, yet still have a pretty big garden

    I unschooled my daughter, Heather. Now she is 26 and is doing her own backyard homestead in Austin, Texas

    So….when you see my name on Facebook, you will know who the crazy lady is 😛

  2. jengod says:

    Welcome back guys. You were missed!

  3. Becca says:

    Hi! I liked reading your blog. It is good to know there are more like us out there! My husband and I are on a similar track as you and your family. Check out our new blog at http://turtlehillfarm.blogspot.com/ about our small farm/large garden and how we are trying to live as sustainably as possible. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Charles says:

    Wendy, your original homestead looked like a kind of paradise. Thanks for the photos.

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