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Summer backyard garden

More apples


Front yard from the sidewalk

Front yard garden


Goats go for a walk

Homegrown carrots

Homestead happenings

What a difference a day makes!  These last two weeks have been hot ones leaving people, animals and plants wilting in the intense summer sun.  But today, today is overcast and cool! What a welcome relief from the heat but I wonder what affect, if any, it will have on the summer crops which much rather sun then no sun at all.

If you haven’t noticed but our sites have been down lately and the hosting company was at a loss to what the problem was until today. So let’s hope that we’ll not have any more down time or I will just about pull my hair out in frustration… or worse!

Saturday was our weekly goat walk followed by Masterpiece Theater movie night with a friends – last installment of Glaskell’s Wives & Daughters.

On Sunday afternoon Farmer D gave a presentation at the Pasadena Public Library (see previous post).  The library was a great place to beat the heat and spend time chatting with some really nice folks. Like to thank Nancy for putting this event together.

In the garden

In previous summers we’d be drowning in surplus of fruits and veggies of all kinds right about now.  This year the harvest instead of a gangbuster harvest it’s slowly dribbling in. I guess that’s sorta good news giving me some breathing room between canning sessions. Still it seems a bit weird not to be awash in produce. Heavens knows this wacky weather is probably the culprit for such a weird gardening year.

Every year not only do we plant faith but we get a dose in humility when things just don’t turn out the way we expected.

Making due with the downturn in the economy we are selling more produce to local customers instead of our regular restaurant/caterer clientele.

So if you haven’t already check out DervaesGardens.com Mind you, I can’t guarantee a steady stream of produce because sometimes demand exceed supply; however, this week we do have duck eggs, peppers, avocados for sale so if anyone is interested just give us a holler.

Around the home

The summer clean up efforts continue.  Trying to organize all our stuff, especially our crafting supplies which have been sadly been neglected.

There’s been talk of some new projects for the urban homestead – even a list that’s been made.   Justin will be in charge of the outside home improvements that will have to do with water collecting and harvesting.   There’s some other projects on the docket but don’t want to put the cart before the horse.

In the pantry the scoby is forming (should be ready in about another week) so expect more about our fermentation forays.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: DE $20 and SR $50  Thank you very much for your support.


  1. amy says:


    Did you read about this bill. Seems to bad to be true. I love your transit of produce all natural just like what you deliver!

  2. Judy says:

    The weather has been a bit strange here on the Gulf Coast too. I think for most of the summer so far, we’ve had some cooler weather than normal (which is fine with me! LOL) But I was just talking to Sinfonian (in Seattle) and the temp is over 100 degrees there. Very unusual hot weather for them in the NW.

    I can’t wait to see the posts on the “to do list” especially the possible water collection… I think that is a great thing for you to do with rainfall being so short in your area.

  3. Sher says:

    Looking forward to your fermenting posts! We love our kombucha & lactofermented veggies.

    Odd weather at times this year here as well here in the Sierra Nevadas. We had a strange long cool spring with a late frost – has made my gardening adventure rather challenging this year.

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