Old family photo courtesy of Cen Penn College

I had a bunch of posts and  pictures on various subjects just waiting to be shared with ya’ll today but a phone call yesterday changed all that.

After leaving a couple off messages with some of our dear friends in TN right after the rash of destructive & deadly tornadoes, I finally heard back from them.  Thankfully, the  good news is they are OK but a dear  mutual “friend” of theirs wasn’t so lucky.   My heart just sank when I learned the Lee family of Alabama lost their father and home – leaving behind 13 children.  What a testament to  faith and family she had to share with me that morning.

Even though I never met the Lee family in person, I felt that I’ve gotten to “know” them through  the glowing stories Ms Vickie would share via the long phone conversations we would have and through the wonderful photos on the family’s blog of their trips to their “farm.”    Ms Vickie went on to describe what they witnessed first hand in Alabama.  The community was there  on the ground helping out in every way they could.   She went on to say that when “official aid” arrived, the family didn’t even need its assistance!  Talk about pulling together & resources through a crisis!

So, just as soon as I hung up the phone, I marched on over to the pantry and starting pulling out jars of preserves and such.   I had to do something constructive with my sorrow and put together a little care package for the family.

Learn more about how you can help families affected by the deadly tornadoes

Also, it was such a blessing to read comments from readers and fellow bloggers after we had a  “roll call.” Please feel free to update us and our readers on your situation – how are ya’ll fairing?   News is  now there’s been some heavy rains and flooding.   Hope everyone is safe & sound.


  1. Ryu Lee says:

    13 children??!?!?! That is wayyyy too many! They were destroying the earth!

    • A.F. James MacArthur Ph.A.L. says:

      @Ryu Lee, That’s quite a harsh, mean spirited, and judgmental statement to make about people whom you probably don’t even know. You don’t know their circumstances, resources, capability, outlook etc.

      Both my parents came from families of similar size. With the amount of teachers, lawyers, policemen, firemen, and others all from my aunts and uncles, who regularly serve society, I can hardly see how my family destroyed the earth.

      Really hoping this doesn’t turn into a big argument or a flame war.

    • Tami G says:

      @Ryu Lee, How beautiful when a father passes down his legacy of knowledge, work ethic, bravery, commitment and honor to his children! He lives on in 13 lives who will surely improve this selfish, lazy, ignorant generation. Blessings to the Lee family and to all those pulling together to restore America to her former glory.

    • Manuel says:

      @Ryu Lee,

      We are with 17, my parents have 15 kids… How can the amount of kids you have destroy the earth? What is too many? Do you decide that or do think that “normal” is what the average person has on kids?
      Here in Belgium the average children/family is 1.2 … 1.2 children is not even enough to sustain the population! Imagine what is happening, there are much more old then young people here. With the health care system we have, that means that the few young people here are going to be working for all the old folks who were too egoistic to have there own kids! And guess what, most of those old people will spend the last years of there life alone and in some old folks home, feeling sorry that they have no family and taken care of by a nurse that knows that a big part of her/h…

      No, having no kids, or very few is destroying the world!

      Manuel Bauwens

      • Manuel says:


        Sorry, something went wrong…

        What I still wanted to say is that those old people are going to be “cared” for in the old folks home, by young people that are not there family, but that do know that a big part of there wages flow’s to those old people, can you feel the love? specially with the world being what they are… 10 years ago I had for my studies to work 3 days in an old folks home her in Belgium, I swore after basically the first day I would never do that to my parents! They are treated unrespectful worse then little kids…

    • susanna winters says:

      @Ryu Lee,
      @ryu lee under many circumstances, I would agree, but this very large family just sustained a terrible, out of thier own control, blow, and STILL didn’t need “official” (gov’t, taxpayer funded) help. I’d like to meet them and pick their brains, because most dual income, 2.2 american families would be screaming for fema help within hours. My heart goes out to them for their loss, and my hat is off to them for thier sense of cohesion, responsibility, and self reliance.

    • CE says:

      @Ryu Lee, Children are a blessing. Our current western culture puts money and owning things before family. The socialist culture that is promoted by the media and our current American and European governments wants the people to be dependant on the government, not churches, family or community. It is an ideological difference.
      The idea that a large family destroys the earth is a myth from the 1970’s that is used to promote control. In fact if you look at Japan they did not have a baby boom and are in a population winter. Now the rest of the world in looking at the same problem and it will affect the economy and all aspects of our lives. When the baby boom starts dying the lie will be exposed. A family or 3 who spends and throws away a lot of stuff and is irresponsible can do more damage than a responsible family of 6. It ia about attitude and commitment, not size.

  2. debbi says:

    Thank you for this post and any assistance your family can give to all of us here in AL, MS, TN, & GA. This is far worse than Katrina was and we are in such need in these states. Fema is a joke, once again.

  3. Jeni Vandall says:

    Wait, the West Ladies lost their father? 🙁 How sad:( My heart aches for those down south:( Please let me know if there is anything else they may need I would love to help out too.

    Question: how is having 13 children destroying the earth? I do not want to start a big argument but I am just curious as to why you think they are destroying the earth?

    • Lorna Reed says:

      @Jeni Vandall,
      I just accidently dicovered the the West Ladies website “Homestead Blessing” this morning and love it and turned to see if their books and videos were the same you recommended–in fact I can still hear the music from their site as I write and as I was reading this article on your site. It deeply affected me when I read of their loss after such joy at discovering this beautiful family. They and their children are the purpose of this earth and I love them for sharing how wonderful family life can be. They are very blessed but I am very saddened to hear of their loss. Helen Keller’s words come to my mind right now, “The most beautiful things in the world are not seen or touched. They are felt with the heart.”

    • Anais says:

      @Jeni Vandall: Oh dear, guess I didn’t make myself clear. Not their (The Wests) father but a (Lee) family friends father. Ms Vickie told me they are going back next week to perhaps shoot a music video that will help the families there. I will post more as soon as I know more 😉

      • Jeni Vandall says:

        My apologies, after reading it again you were clear I just read to fast. Still the lost of someone that you feel you “know” is heart breaking. I don’t know you guys or the West Ladies and yet I feel like I have “known” you guys for years through reading your blogs.

        They are all in my prayers

  4. petra says:

    Here is a link to help the Lee family and others affected by these tornadoes.


    Money can never bring back a life or ones home but it can help to start a new beginning. God bless

    • Suzanne says:

      Hello Anais,
      Thank you for sending a link to where we can send monetary help. I feel confident knowing one of the Bradricks is organizing, the families will indeed receive every penny.

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