Here’s some photos I snapped while the guys did a bit of hive work awhile back (yep, still catching up on all the goings on here on the homefront).  Beekeeper D went in to do an inspection on each of the queens (now four of ’em!)

Happy to report all’s well in beeville.

Love the smell of smoke in the afternoon – brings back loads of childhood memories (stings and all!)

Hive inspection

Checking over the brood frames

Having captured a feral swarm over two years ago these non domesticated bees are (happy to say) doing well.

Beekeeper D started beekeeping in the early 1970’s when he immigrated to New Zealand and started living off the land.  His first forays in beekeeping was when he captured a swarm at the age of 27.  In a short time and with some help of some old timers started a little honey business selling honey in town (Hokitika, NZ)  Moving back to Florida and living on 10 acres be continued beekeeping and selling honey.

Living in the city in 1984 didn’t stop him from keeping bees!  He had 10 hives tucked back behind the garage and sold honey to a few locals here in Pasadena.

Once a beekeeper, always a beekeeper!


  1. Michelle says:

    It seems that urban beekeeping is more common than we may think. I read on another blog (can’t remember which one) that a gal went to a local beekeeping meeting and ended up seeing a neighbor there! Who knew?! I mentioned beekeeping to my husband…I don’t think he’s quite there…yet! He’s totally loving chicken keeping though…so we’ll be happy with that for now!

  2. LittleAntFarm says:

    I love that you can do this in an urban setting. I’m reading up and hope to get there someday.

  3. Kathy says:

    I did not realize Omar Sharif lived in Cali and raised bees !
    I recently saw the article about your efforts in Mother Earth while my 10-year-old was doing research for her soon-to- be chicken yard. Your family is an example for us all. I’m proud to report that our family (myself, hubby, 2 daughters, grandpa) have a beautiful 600 feet of corn, tomatoes almost as tall as me, and squash that’s already being eaten ! We are novices (not grandpa) and eager to supplement our grocery trips with trips out the back door to the garden. You really should do a coffee-table type book, full of pictures of course ! Perhaps a beginner’s guide type thing. It’d be a bestseller in this economy. We’d all be healthier as well !
    Best wishes and continued blessings on your efforts !
    -Kathy in Gaston County, North Carolina 6/9/09

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