We are back after a brief down-time spell…

– of course we’d like more land but another one of our dreams is to have a barn. a place to store all the scrap wood we salvage, pots, bike parts, etc. Instead our collection of odds and ends all is crammed packed into the cellar and we need now to get down into the cellar to do some greywater plumbing. The modular, rectangle cisterns we had look forward to receiving from Australia in May didn’t go as planned the company hopes to be sending some in a few months. so that project is on hold for awhile.

– June gloom is back good to have such a normal weather pattern after such a wacky weather year

– the garden is lush and growing thanks to everyone’s hard work, mulch,ollas and water from the Colorado river

– the rain window is almost over and if this weather pattern holds up (still praying for rain) the LA area would have received less than 5 inches of rain this year.

– look for PTF onpublic radio’s “MARKET PLACE”this weekend, check your local listings

– for our German readers look for article on the urban homestead sometime this week in FAZ

– this summer take the 100 mile diet, 100 feet closer. You’ve heard about the popular “100 Mile Diet” that’s took the nation by storm – how about taking it a step, a few thousand closer. You read about the “100 Foot Diet” here first on asimple journal entry back in January and now we see it being talked about in the blogsphere   There are really no rules, only opportunities – see what tasty dishes you can create.

– donations: AP, GM & BW for allcontributing $10.00 each. Thank you for your support.

– we have at least six short videos we have to upload ontoYOUTUBE and hope to get them up for your viewing pleasure very soon.

– a new journal is in the works….

– on a more serious note, our family really could use our readers’ thoughts and especially prayers if you are of such a belief. Thank you.


Q & A with Eustace Conway [MSN]

CONWAY: I’m not exactly sure what was on my mind. I’m not sure I had a grand scheme. But basically the idea was that I’d show folks something invaluable and they’d see the light, that what they were doing was killing themselves and the planet. MSN: Has this changed over the years? CONWAY: Yes, but only because I’ve failed at the larger goal. I’ve gotten more in touch with the realistic perspective that masses of folks aren’t going to change because of my showing them the light. MSN: But isn’t there more awareness of the need to be “green” than there used to be? CONWAY: Yeah, there’s more information about it, but people aren’t doing more. If information is all over the place and people still aren’t doing one-twentieth of what’s needed, that’s a reason for deep concern, isn’t it?
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Beer and sunshine land farmer in hot water

A Chinese farmer has made his own solar-powered water heater out of beer bottles and hosepipes.
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97.4% Net Energy Savings from Reusing Cotton Clothing [TreeHugger]

The reuse of 1 tonne of polyester garments only uses 1.8% of the energy required for manufacture of these goods from virgin materials and the reuse of 1 tonne of cotton clothing only uses 2.6% of the energy required to manufacture those from virgin materials.
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L.A. urges conserving water in dry spell [LA Times]

Los Angeles officials urged residents Wednesday to reduce water consumption by 10% as weather forecasters predicted the region’s historic dry spell will combine with a summer of record-setting temperatures.
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  1. Alissa says:

    Dear Dervaes family,
    You are always in my thoughts as I so look forward each day to hearing about your journey. It is so wonderful to have such real life inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to share your stories, they keep me going!
    All the best,
    Alissa, UK

  2. Clare says:

    Sending you all light and love and healing energy. I admire all of your hard work.

  3. angie m. says:

    hi dervaes family!

    you’re in my thoughts – sending you all the things you need… time, energy, resources… and lots of fun.

    angie xo

  4. David says:

    Remembering you localvores in my prayers this sabbath. Keep on gardening the Planet & keep on inspiring all towards greater works in stewardship of our enviroment

  5. Lauren says:

    You all are a classy bunch of folks. We are pulling for you. Your site inspired my husband even more than my own very prolific vegetable garden did, and now he’s dreaming about chickens and goats and year-round growing seasons. You are in our thoughts.