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This July 4th PTF is excited to announce the relaunch of our new sister site for all you homegrown revolutionaries out there. Here’s your chance to connect with fellow food fighters from all over the world.

The site will features feeds for contributing bloggers, spot for highlighting ‘Freedom Gardener’ of the month (this month we feature QUINCE HOMESTEAD), not to mention we’ll be offering prizes for points and sponsoring a “Tally Hoe” contest. Please note: we are still working on the site so there still could be error issues.  But we hope to have them ironed out in the next few days.

As with any new venture, this site is in the seedling stage. We hope with your support, contributions it’ll grow and mature — and bear fruit.

In a few days time,  we shift gears a bit move on to the social network for urban homesteaders, revamping the PTF site and more. For those of you who wrote offering to be UH contributing writers – thank you. We have your names on file and will hopefully be contacting you in the near future.

Not to mention I think we’ll have to re-do the LHITC journal. Seems like folks aren’t easily finding their way around the categories and entries too well.  The journal is filled with so many answers but making the answers easier to find will be something to work on for reader’s ease and accessibility.

In the meantime, enjoy the newly launched FreedomGardens.org – sign up and grow for food security.

Onward garden soildiers!

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  1. lavonne says:

    I’m a little confused about the purpose of these two new sites. Is one for ‘freedom gardeners’ and one for ‘urban homesteaders’ and if so, what’s the difference between the two?

  2. Anais says:

    Hello LaVonne

    To clarify that there is a difference in the two.

    Freedom Gardens – is a site for those who are growing food and participating in certain challenges. A online resource center that allows them to connect with people in their area to barter trade homegrown goods, services and seeds. A place to talk about food issues – a rallying place for food fighters against the corporate controls.

    Urban Homestead on the other hand will focused more on other aspects of creating a sustainable life in the city. With topics like citified farm animals, transportation, energy, waste, water, home economy. Basically all the 10 elements that make up and urban homestead with related articles and resources.

    Hope that clears up any confusion. 😉

  3. Chicago Mike says:

    Did some work on my profile this morning on the FG site this morning and it worked quickly and was really easy to use. that is the first time I have used it for pictures and it was really efficient.

  4. Christine says:

    If you need someone to write a little somethin, I would be happy to try!
    Thanks for clarifying the different sites. Keep up the good work. … How’s the smoke? And the fires? Hope things a starting to settle down. Did you animals get upset? Thanks, C

  5. Urban Homesteader says:

    Hello Christine

    Thanks for the offer, we appreciate it. We could use a little writing help because sometimes with so many projects one can get a bad case of “writer block.”

    The smoke’s not too bad here…. yet. Thanks for your concern. Most of the fires right now are in NorCal … but we have a long, dry summer ahead and I am afraid the situation can only get worse.

    Contact me if you still want to try your hand at a writing assignment!

    Have a lovely day.

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