Sure is nice to see that yellow bright ball in the sky!

The greyish clouds are moving out, leaving brilliant blue skies and nippish temps – just in time for fall!

Cassidy drinks in the sun's ray

Through the kitchen window, glimpses of sunlight

Soft morning glow

Time to get to work for us humans while the goats look on in approval

Bees get to work too!

Ahhhhh SUN! Another kitty worshiping the sun

Happy Fall ya’ll!


  1. Anais says:

    Well, since nobody’s commented I’ll comment to myself.

    AHHHHHH, Cassidy our little sweetie is so Cute! And Spanky, what a handsome cat!

    OK, now, I feel better and so does our kitties.

    • tracey says:

      @Anais, It is partly sunny today. Yesterday was beautiful. The chickens went out and scratched in their yard.

  2. GoldenMonkey says:

    You forgot to comment on the goat :-p

    Agreed though….good to see the sun after almost a week of rain (though I enjoyed every drop).

    • Anais says:

      Well, there you see! Me forgetting the goat made someone else comment. LOL Loving the rays!

  3. Cynthia in Denver says:

    It is 45 degrees here. Looking at your sunny pictures warms me.

    • Anais says:

      @Cynthia in Denver: Was quite chilly this morning but not complaining since the sun’s out. It was so wet and damp last week that we had our fill of gray, gray and more gray. Enjoying the sunshine and the sweater weather. Happy Fall!

  4. Jogesh Yogi says:

    Dear Anais:
    I recently came to know about your outstanding family. You are truly living what millions dream of. Your family is not only an exemplary family demonstrating self-dependency to the world but exudes a true sense of freedom – an expression of the Supreme Self. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures, especially the squash flower. We eat squash flowers actually. I find it very tasty. If you are interested try pan frying chopped squash flowers mixed in a batter of rice flour, mustard paste (a little), and salt.

    I and my family of Indian origin live in Michigan. I am into yoga, philosophy, and exploring true freedom (not anywhere near there yet). I will try to keep up with your wonderful blogs.

    • Anais says:

      @Jogesh Yogi: Hello and a warm welcome to a new reader. We love eating squash blossoms, they are one of our favorite summer treats. I like to stuff them with herbs and cheese, roll them in a egg cornmeal mix and fry them up. YUMMMY.

      Indian as in from India? My family had a chance to visit India last fall and we liked it so much we hope to go back! I wrote a post about it at

      Thank you for commenting and enjoy browsing our site.

      • Jogesh Yogi says:

        @Anais, Yes, from India. I very much enjoyed your blog on India travel and left a comment there.

        The squash flower season is long gone in Michigan. I will remember to prepare it the way you do with herbs and cheese. Since I do not eat eggs, we will probably use either chick pea or rice flour for the binding purpose.

  5. tera says:

    Aw, what sweet photos! Looks like a happy day for all. And another gorgeous, sun-filled day is ahead of us. Thanks for sharing.

    • Anais says:

      @tera: Yep, another lovely and fallish day – sun and blue skies. PERFECT! Enjoy!

  6. TamaraG says:

    I love your pictures. The one with the beautiful blue glass bottles looks like something from a magazine. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Ruth G says:

    Your kitties are adorable and so photogenic! I especially love when they make an apearance in your photo essays 🙂

    We had a couple warm days here (rain is rarely needed here, we get more than enough usually) but now the temperature has turned more seasonable with it in the 40’s today. Our garden is almost closed down for the year, thoguh we are waiting for the carrots to get a hard freeze on them before we harvest, makes them so much more sweet. We will let the parsnips winter over and harvest them, super sweet in the Spring.

    Time for hunkering down for the winter and giving thanks for the blessings that have filled our pantry. Wishing you a successful autumn harvest!
    Ruth in NH

  8. Heidi says:

    I always feel so bad for our goats in the rainy season, and especially this year that it’s come on us a little early. Their pen ends up being really soggy. Love the pics of the cats 🙂

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