It’s spring!  Well actually, this week it feels more like SUMMER!

And that means lots of fun culinary delights coming out of the urban homestead’s kitchen.

Combining edible flower, herbs and butter for a delightful treat to slather on biscuits or smother veggies.

Here’s a recipe for HERB BUTTER

Fresh From Our Garden to Your Table

Our front porch farm stand is expanding!

Don’t forget, if you are local and would like to support local foods and farm, check out our homegrown business at DerVaes Gardens – featuring bounty from the urban homestead since 1995.

We send out a weekly email list on surplus availability.   Get a chance to know your food and farmer right here in the city.

Growing Closer to Home

Oh, and here’s what one of the chefs had to say about the upcoming Food Network episode:

“On this week’s episode Chef Brian & I got a much needed lesson in how to make good with what we got. We were invited to prepare a meal using ONLY ingredients found on the Dervaes family’s Urban Homestead for potential buyers of their products from Whole Foods & Bristol Farms.

I can’t use any of my cooking tools (ie NO L…e Creuset even… yikes) & we’re “off the grid” tune in this Friday 5/7/10 at 10 pm EST to see how we did.

It was seriously one of the hardest yet most rewarding experience of my life! can’t WAIT to share this episode with you all & I hope the message resonates with the rest of America & we can take off from this INCREDIBLE family’s lead.”


  1. Audra says:

    Thank You for sharing! I can’t wait to whip up some Herb Butter.

  2. CE says:

    The show hasn’t aired yet and I don’t get that channel but if you are using ingredients fresh from the garden you are going to have a great end result. When my garden is in full production I keep my cooking very simple and just let the flavors of the foods come through.
    I started vegetable and fruit gardening partially because I enjoyed it as a kid and partially because I just could not get the flavors I remembered eating as a kid.
    Who remembers sitting on the back porch and eating a tree ripened peach or pear and the flavors are so full of sweet and tart and fruity and the juice just runs down your bare arms and legs? You won’t get that from a peach that was picked green, held and then gassed to color up.
    My husband did not like the idea of veggies in the backyard till he tasted a just picked cabbage in coleslaw. Instant convert.
    Congrats on the show! I wish I could watch it and see what they do to your produce but then I would probably be wanting taste-a-vision. Boy, I’m just never satisfied.

  3. Hethir says:

    “I hope the message resonates with the rest of America & we can take off from this INCREDIBLE family’s lead.”

    Wow, what a complement from the host/chef!

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