First, thank you to our generous long time readers who have supported us over these last seven years since we starting sharing our sustainable journey.   PTF remains and homegrown, grass roots, family operated project that remains self reliant.  We don’t depend on grants but on donations and support from our readers.

At the first of this year, we said that this was going to be one of growth for PTF.  If you like the direction it which we are growing ( and soon to come and more!), and if this site has helped or inspired you in any way, please take a moment to consider supporting our work.

Taking Stock

Not only are we going to fall short of our 10k produce goal, we have failed to match dollar per pound in our support campaign.  Though, disappointed, we remain hopeful and passionate about continuing along this path.

Supply Your Urban Homestead

If you need ‘Back to School’ supplies or goods for your urban homestead/garden, please consider supporting PTF work by purchasing from our online “small box” store.

All support goes toward providing better web content and support.    By supporting this work, you are not only helping yourselves but others.

Wrap Up

Well, that about wraps it up this mini posting blitz (5 entries today) – enjoy!  See you back here on Monday with hightlight from the Sustainable LA event. and more.  In LHITC entrie que are – gardening tips, natural beauty and much much more!


  1. ZippityDooDah says:

    What a beautiful butterfly!

  2. ZippityDooDah says:

    What a beautiful butterfly!

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