Off with the wry winter coat!

Trading for a sleek, shiny summer one

Just about the time the goats were shedding their wry winter coats So Cal had an exceptionally cool/grey June.    Normally the goats just shed down to a light summer coat but this year especially with Blackberry the shedding was more extreme.   In fact it was so extreme that tuffs (more like clumps) of hair were left after she would scratch on the scratching apparatuses we rigged up on outside window sill of the garage.    The amount of hair that was she was shedding was slightly concerning to us but there weren’t any bare or irritated patches of skin (which is something one should be alarmed about)  so that was good.

As with any animal situation around the urban homestead, we figured we’d monitor the situation to see if this was just a heavier shed or if worsen/continued then would mean some sort of mineral or copper deficiency.

Most likely we figured the wacky weather was contributing to unusual heavy shed.  In under two weeks time Blackberry shredded all her wry, coarse winter coat and is now sporting a sleek, shiny soft black one.

She’s definitley our little ‘Berry.’


  1. Lori from Michigan says:

    I’m totally in love with this little goat. She looks so round and squeezable.

  2. Anny says:

    I love how you have the brushes attached to the wall. I’d love to see more photos of the scratching post.

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