Yesterday and today temperatures will be in the low to mid 90’s! But these hot temps aren’t, thankfully, going to last very long. With the sun low in the horizon, the sun ray’s are quite strong.

I spent the afternoon yesterday cleaning a lady’s house and worked up quite a sweat (especially cleaning the AGA stove).


This morning we be picking up 10 bales of straw (for free) from a store’s pumpkin display that otherwise would have been thrown away. Last year we did the same and the straw certainly does make the back yard feel so downright country!

In other news:

The Nov/Dec issue of Natural Home & Garden didn’t print the article on PTF as was told to us. We hope that the magazine will run the article in another issue -we’ll see. I think they should do so since they paid a photographer and freelance writer for the article? Who knows?

Lots to do today — one being that it is baking day in the cob!