Fairlight relaxes in the shade ontop the bunny’s hutch.

The heat is certainly on here in the Southland – six days of 100 degrees or more (that meanswildfires). With afternoon time spent indoors to escape the heat, there’s plenty of things to do. One task was to whip up some natural toothpaste and deodorant. Early evening on Wednesday we took a nice, relaxing walk with the goats and a friend of ours.

On our little hike in Arroyo we checked out the elderberries we spotted along the way, scouting out the most accessible trees and examined the berries to determine when they were ready to pick.   It looks like the berries will be ready in a weeks time so we can harvest some to bring home and makeelderberry wine and other tasty treats. More about the uses ofelderberry

Global Warming 101– Human Fingerprints {USCUSA.org}

Earth’s surface has undergone unprecedented warming over the last century, particularly over the last two decades. Astonishingly, every single year since 1992 is in the current list of the 20 warmest years on record.[
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Trees could grow in Antarctica within century: scientist  {Yahoo}

Trees could be growing in the Antarctic within a century because of global warming, an international scientific conference heard. Scientists blame greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, produced mainly by the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, for causing rising temperatures worldwide.
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We have spent too much time in thinking, supposing that if we weigh in advance the possibilities of any action, it will happenautomatically. We have learnt, rather too late, that action comes not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility.
~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer, written while in prison for resisting the Nazis ~

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  1. soleilvert says:

    Hi Anais

    do you have recipes posted on the site somewhere for the homemade deodorant and toothpaste?

  2. Lisa Marshall Bashert says:

    I’m interested, too. I tried making deodorant and it was a bust… What have you used?