Well, not really. No worries about headless chickens roaming around this urban homestead on account of our being vegetarian (yes we eat the non fertile eggs from our backyard flock). Instead it’s our city chickens morning preening time ritual.

Every morning like clockwork our hens gather together like woman in a beauty salon to get “beatified” so they can make a good impression on… well, sorry ladies unfortunately there are no roosters to droll-oogle over your soft feathers, pretty eyes and sassy looks.

preeningchickens-1.jpgDora (a.k.a Ditsy Dora – no offense to blonde’s!) cleans her breast feathers

preeningchickens-2.jpgContented chickens in a mass preening ritual hence the title of this post – headless chickens

preeningchickens-3.jpgSairey (standard) preens the back feathers while Lucie (bantam) makes sure her butt feathers are nice and fluffy… there’s an out-of-place feather waaaaaay back here. Yes, got it.

preeningchickens-4.jpgNext, get under those wings. Beaks, like combs, do come in handy for this sort of thing.

preeningchickens-5.jpg Yawn, all that preening makes me tired. But ain’t I purdy?

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  1. Beany says:

    I love pictures of the animals. My grandma had chickens and when we visited during the summer I spent alot of time separating the roosters from the hens as I thought the hens were being harmed (I was really little). I had yet to learn the ways of chicken sex.

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Beany

    Thanks for the comment and sharing your story. Chickens are such amazing and fascinating creatures. They give us constant joy watching their antics.

    Again, thanks for sharing!


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