As urban pioneers living on a 1/5 acre urban homestead, we try to stand on our own two feet, surviving the old fashioned way – by growing our own food and working with our hands.

This urban homestead project does not rely on grants, memberships, tour fees, or sizeable donations to support our work or provide salaries, nor do we derive substantial income from lectures, workshops, or speaking engagements. We have made a choice not to rely on ads for financial revenue. We are proud that this site is free of commercial advertisements.

In lieu of advertising or membership fees, the Dervaes Institute (earth stewardship outreach/ministry) was founded in 2006 to help fund Path to Freedom’s many outreach programs, including:

Comprehensive website updated daily documenting life on the homestead
Creation, printing, and distribution of brochures, presentation materials, and
Participation in conferences and festivals
Distribution of educational, “do-it-yourself” materials
Presentations to schools and community groups
Screenings of eco-documentaries

Any donations received by the Dervaes Institute are used for Path to Freedom’s extensive outreach programs only. The funds are not used to support the urban homestead itself or the Dervaes family.The incorporation of the Dervaes Institute allows the expenses of the outreach and public aspect of Path to Freedom project to receive tax deductible support. Dervaes Institute, an earthcare ministry, is registered as a California Corporation Sole under the jurisdiction of the State of California Corporation Sole Code. It is a tax exempt organization and is qualified to receive tax deductible donations under IRS Code Section 508(c)(1)(A).

Falling Short

If an act of generosity benefits the receiver but saps the giver, then it is not true generosity. ~ Suze Orman ~

Some not too good news to report. PTF fell $400 short of its goal for donations for February. We start off March increasing to $600 short, and each week this amount is growing.

Our livelihood that comes from working our small patch of land can and should feed, clothe and provide for us; however, the increasing extraneous needs that come from running PTF is sapping the giver and is financially draining. We’ve reached a point where PTF can no longer be supported by our family and the urban homestead.

Here’s an itemized list of what your donations will go toward supporting this year:

Web hosting fee: $150 a month ~ $2,400 a year (like to transfer to sustainable hosting service this year)

Microphone: $1,000 (for video)

New brochures (eco printed and 100% post consumer): $2,000

Postage for mailing out free brochures to those who request: $20 a month (~$500 a year

Video editing equipment: $2,000 (if you want to see more such “DIY Goodies” on YOUTUBE)

Tabling exhibit and handout information: $2,000

PTF “Phase Two” – expansion of the website, journal, video shorts and more – $2,000Staff – some compensation for time

Total: $12,900 +

You can support PTF one of two ways — here’s how you canGROW THE FUTURE

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  1. Val says:

    I’m slow. When I first noticed the donation-chart graphic – in January? – I thought “Ends Dec 14” meant 2006. Thanks for the clarification!