Dear “Little Homestead”  Readers,

A VERY VERY Happy Summer to you all!

My sincere apologies on lack of updates and postings.     It’s been awhile!  Hope everyone is well?   No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and appreciate all the emails inquiring about our well being (so sweet!)

Just been extremely busy not only growing a garden but community too!  These days our events calendar is chock-a-block full of workshops & skill shares, in addition to farm dinners celebrating local foods and music.

Ok, so lemme see… what’s happened since my last post… jumping grasshoppers! a lot!


Quail are laying

2 of our older hens passed peacefully

Took in 3 hens that needed homes

Happy Birthday to Us! This July we”ll be celebrating 13 years online.  That means we are “older” than Google, Facebook and YouTube!

Rescued a few abandoned animals that were dropped off (dog, bunny, kitty) … one we kept, a kitty who is now best buds with our dog Marley

Good Eggs LA  now carries our produce and preserves that can be delivered to your door – for FREE!

Launched SKILL SHARE Tuesdays & Thursdays – so far we’ve done bookbinding, cooking with native foods, canning, raising chickens, knitting, mending, fermenting foods & drink

Homestead Hub – new workspace area for homesteading classes

Farm Box program and pick up on Wednesday

3H Club (Homeschool Homestead Helpers)

Partnered with local foodies the Provision Room to provide more food crafting classes

Lots of out-of-town visitors

Summer garden is in full swing

And I  am sure there’s is much much more

Coming Up

New improve website & blog
Little House on The Prairie themed farm supper
More skill shares (apron making, bread baking, homebrewing and more)

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  1. Natalie says:

    I love your site…I am tempted to move to CA just to be a part of your 3H club. That is what life and education is really about. Cheers to you friends.

  2. Susan says:

    Welcome back! Just yesterday I thinking that you hadn’t put up a blog post in a while.

  3. bonnie knox says:

    I’ve missed you; glad you are back.

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