Happy Fall Y’all

 Initially, after a week of triple digits temps, it finally feels like fall has arrived,  bringing not only cooler temps but rain. 

The garden’s growing thru a major planting transition  – out come the last of the raggedy cucumbers, peppers,  and tomatoes and in go greens, onions, broccoli  and snow peas.  Thanks to last winter’s rain part of the garden are going thru a major re-landscape.  There’s still remnants of summer – late bloomers giving one last hooray before the winter settles in.  And, yes, I know – winter for us Angelinos is nothing like other parts of the country. But, hey, it’s all relative and by our standards it’s cold.

If you are tuning in to the podcasts we do our best to give updates of all the homestead happenings  and challenges we face as we grow forward.   After the sudden death of Jules Dervaes Jr last December the dynamics and daily routines have changed but the work still remains the same – even more.   Though life and circumstances may change the solace we find in the constant – of season of planting seeds, harvesting, cooking, feeding and tending of the barnyard menagerie.  When all life seems to be chaotic and senseless, the solice in homesteading makes one wake up every morning with purpose.

Though we’ve had a rough year, we are in enjoying some fruits of our labor – the farm box program still is going and customers are loving every box. Requests and emails are still coming in and we are doing our best to get back with everyone.   All the workshop this season have been nearly full or sold out and folks are clamoring for more but alas we must take a break to recharge and gear up for Spring.

It’s hard to put in words what all has transpired over the year – many a days we have struggled to keep our heads above water and some days we were touched by acts of grace.

Although we don’t know what the future holds, all we can do is continue to cultivate faith and put one foot in front of the other.

This month is a season for giving thanks.  We are thankful to all those who reached out and lend a hand by your thoughtful acts you helped us get through this year and for that we are extremely grateful.





  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    Don’t be surprised if emotion runs high as the dreaded anniversary date gets closer. Your family unit is still strong and I expect you three will carry on. Prayers from Nebraska have covered you from time to time through out this year. I’m looking forward to listening to all your podcasts during the down time this Winter. It’s been getting into the lower 20s every night here in Nebraska and upper 30s with a peek into the 40s at times. Outside gardening is done for this year but there’s always next year. I agree that nature is unchanged by life events. It’s comforting to know that there are things that stay consistent in life.

    Have a great Fall garden day.

    Nebraska Dave

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