Care to take a gander at our “mystery guest?”

Give up?  Then here’s a hint


  1. Joyness Sparkles says:

    Oh my goodness…he looks like he should be playing Prince Charming in some sort of Disney Musical. You girls are very lucky! 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Jamie Drury, host of the Victory Garden… who pronounces nature “Na-Cha”

  3. Melina says:

    Oh, you girls are lucky ducks! He’s a real cutie. I’m not impressed with the new format of Victory Garden, but I sure like Jamie!

  4. elaine nieves says:

    Well now that you have our attention are you going to leave us dangling or are you going to tell us why he dropped by. At least tell us what he did or said while he was there. Has it got to do with his show Victory Garden?

  5. Sandra says:

    Awesome. Hoping you’re going to be on the Victory Garden and if so can I say it’s about time.

  6. Goddess in the Groove says:

    He DOES look like Prince Charming! I don’t get cable, so no Victory Garden :).

  7. Chris says:

    Wow!!! Sorry fellas, but this rivals one of Anais’ former “weekly meal round-up” posts for us gals as “eye candy”!!! What a cutie-pie post and how lucky for you ladies. Must have been a really “tough” day for you to endure this encounter .. just kidding with y’all.

    Pray that his appearance sheds a bright light on how y’all are a lesson and example to the possibilities for us all. Sending prayers and blessings your way ~ everyday!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Chris says:

      PS … Know that you are “crazy busy” with all of the new goings on at the homestead, but would just love to see a current and gorgeous pictorials of a one of your recent “weekly meal round-up” .

  8. Stacy~Creativemuse says:

    Oh love Jaime Durie…..just saw a show on HIS Garden loads of plants Love it! What did you all do?

  9. olgamarie says:

    hey ,hi guys from Ft Lauderdale!awesome! i cant believe he went to your house! by the way I love what you guys are doing! thanks for the inspiration and teaching us it can be done and we dont need to live in the countryside to do it.

  10. donna mills says:

    I want to have his babies! hah ha!

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