Normally, I would have a 1/2 dozen (or more) posts lined up for publishing here on blog, but the heat has turned by brain to mush or fried a few neurons.   It’s not that there’s lack of material, I, er, lack motivation.  Happens to the best of us, I suppose, and I am blaming the heat and sticking to it!

Behind the scenes, we all have been busy – over the weekend spending time with friends.   Besides it is the lazy days of summer and it feels like some things (like my brain) are crawling at a slightly slower pace.

So ,as I mull thru the doldrums of musings, am going to let some pictures do the talking.

Here are  some really cute photos that Justin took of the now 2+ week old duckies – they certainly are growing fast!

Just to point out, as it seems some folks are confused — this is our THIRD time raising ducklings (started our first flock 8 years ago) and we still have part of our first and second flock living here in the animal compound at the urban homestead.  Hope that sets the record straight.

Spending their days out doors in a mobile tractor of sorts - rotating around the raised beds.

Swimming and dunking for greens in the big pool

Following one of their "mommas"

So many sights to see! Walking around the urban homestead under the watchful eye of momma

Getting bigger and plump!

What, you talking about me?

Quack yourself!

Got keep those feathers clean - walk, eat, preen, eat, preen

Hey I want that green!

...and this one!

Yum, yum - giveme some!



  1. Beryl says:

    How adorable – What kind are they? Also what (if any) things do you do to protect them from predators?

    • Anais says:

      @Beryl: They are a heritage duck breed called KHAKI CAMPBELL’S (land ducks from England) My sister wrote a brief Q & A about them at

      All our chickens and ducks are allowed to run free in an enclose “animal compound” and at nights they get locked into their hen house to protect them from raccoons.

  2. mim says:

    They are completely adorable!
    The greens look good too.

  3. Jeni says:

    So cute!!! I think Khaki gals are some of the most fun ducks to raise…I know my gals have quit the personalities on them that is for sure! lol

  4. momomom says:

    Do the ducklings mess up the plants in the raised bed when they are in the mobile tractor?

    • Anais says:

      @momomom: We are putting them in “expired” beds that will be replanted soon. When the duckling are 6 weeks they’ll go and join the other ducks and chickens in the animal compound.

  5. Annette Triplett @ CoMo Homestead says:

    They definitely are growing fast!

  6. Debbie in Alabama says:

    Your baby ducks are so cute. I have been thinking about getting a few ducks to add to my flock of girls. Currently, I have 5 chickens (all hens)- one is recovering from a broken leg and just got her cast removed. She is having to re-learn how to use her leg and is separated from the others because they try to peck her to pieces. But that is a story for another day. My question is, do your ducks and chickens co-habitate in the same coop/run area? Do they sleep in the same coop? Also, if you are offering a small pool for swimming, is it also in the same area? Do the chickens stay out of it? I wouldn’t want any of my girls to drown!!! I know that is more than one question, but I need to know these things before I go down that path to freedom! (Pun intended) Thanks for your help.

  7. Bonnie@WhatAboutPie says:

    Those ducklings are so adorable! Do they let you pick them up? I would love to pick one up and feel how soft they are! How sweet!

  8. Joyce says:

    I was just checking but did you guys have to deal with any zoning issues. I live her in San Diego, and we are not able to have chickens or ducks unless they are 50 feet from any residents even your own.

    • Anais says:

      @Joyce: Pasadena code allows chickens (no roosters) but of course they have distance and quantity restrictions. We have our animal compound within the required distance from our nearest neighbor.

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