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Hi PTF, I am wondering if the yacon is as invasive as jerusalem artichoke? If I plant this will I have it forever and for everywhere? thanks… Linda

Yacon is native to Colombia and Ecuador and is a hardy, attractive herbaceous perennial that yields a large harvest of tubers. The tubers have an appealing crunchy crispness that is a cross between apple and watermelon, with overtones of sugarcane. It is always a bit tricky describing the taste of a new food as we are forced to compare it to familiar foods but generally it gets a very positive response, especially from children. As a member of the sunflower family, yacon can grow to 2 metres in height with small, daisy-like yellow flowers.

When growing it is similar in appearance to Jerusalem artichokes but is not invasive in the same way.

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Hi Dervaes Family,

I really like your new site and store! Thank you always being such a great source of inspiration and information! I was thrilled to see the photos of Yacon you posted. I’ve ordered some myself to plant for the first time. I was curious where you have the plants situated in your garden. I was contemplating planting mine in barrels above ground, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Any additional info about how you have yours situated would be much appreciated. I also would love to hear how you are using it in you weekly menu. Thank you so much! Sarah

Thanks Sarah for your question (and positive comments, they are much appreciated), the yacon post certainly created a buzz. Like every garden addict (our family included) unusual edibles always peek our curiosity and tempt us into growing them. We’ve been growing yacons for a few years now (if I remember correctly since 2003) and we usually plant the tubers in 15 gallon pots and submerge the entire pot into the ground – making for easy harvest.

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  1. carol mason says:

    I am growing yacon for the first time.. I have a simple question.

    How do I know when it is ready to harvest?
    I have not grown potatoes before so I dont have any experience of growing things below the ground.

  2. monica zailer says:

    When is the best season to grow Yacon,
    I have the seeds from last year, they are underground
    I live in south America, Brazil,
    and we intend to plant it again

  3. Shila says:

    yacon can be harvested after the second year after a couple of frost in the fall or winter

  4. Nichole says:

    where do you get your yacon slips in the US? isn’t it not to be sold here? thanks

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