Practicing the Three R’s at school: PTF’s ePeddler’sWagon is not for adults only!

What’s new on our wagon are green goods for yourBACK TO SCHOOL needs: hemp book packs, reusable lunch containers, recycled writing supplies, etc.    

These are just a few of the new items that are going to be featured on

PTF’sePeddler’sWagon. In a few months time we’ll be upgrading this online store and will be offering even more sustainable and practical goods for all you eco pioneers.    Look for a really cool urban bike from Europe, ever useful composters, unplugged kitchen goods, eco shopping bag sets and more!

PTF receives many requests from folks who’d like to volunteer. However, with our very diverse workload and a schedule that varies daily (sometimes hourly), it is extra work for us to accommodate volunteers here on the home site. Yet, we do need willing workers that can volunteer no matter where they are because we have a website which we need to keep moving towards a revolution, and we hope that the PTF readership will help.  

SincePeddler’sWagonis a business that was established to pay for the growing outreach expenses of PTF, you don’t have to give us anything except business.   We do appreciate those customers who have kept the wagon rolling this far.

Additionally, why not e-mailePeddler’s Wagon school supplies link to TWO (or more) friends with school- or college-age kids and ask them to do the same? We need good, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth advertising, and you can help us save money by spreading the word.

And, even better: 10% of all profits go towards supporting the people and planet.   Our Homegrown Revolution™continues to expand….

Thank you for your support.