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Thanks to the flux of recent donations we have been able to purchase a really amazing new photo gallery software making it easier for us to upload photos for your viewing pleasure (I believe I can hear our readers let out a cheer and exclaim “finally some recent photos!”) The photo gallery is one of the most hit pages on this site and we’ll be able to update the gallery with the latest photos from the urban homestead – new photos of the metal roof, garden, chickens, ducks, goats and more. Also, the new photo gallery will feature a “members only” section and you’ll also be able to purchase selected prints to help support this site.   How do you like that? 

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Jordanne & Sissy (Bantam Golden Laced Cochin)

A Chicken on Every Plot, a Coop in Every Backyard {NYTimes}

People who raise chickens just for eggs are likely to develop personal relationships with their birds, giving them names (often based on literary characters) and treating them like slightly messy pets. Chicken eaters, on the other hand, tend not to name the members of their flocks.
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Hmmm, wonder if they are referring to our backyard flock, whose Dickensian names include and have included: Peggoty, Lizzie, Dora, Estella, Sissy, Sarey, Bella, Biddy, Betsy Trottwood, Little Jenny Wren. In the duck department the “Little Woman” gang: Meg, Jo, Beth & Amy

Putting together the new Q&A section, for the new improved PTF website, I am amazed how many hundreds of emails Jordanne has taken the time to answer (in fact, a few came from the one of subjects mentioned in the above NY Times article) — helping folks all across the US start their own backyard flocks and goats. One day I hope Jordanne gets the credit she deserves.

View two interviews with urban farmgirl Jordannehere & here

Building an earthen oven

The Blessings of Dirty Work {Washington Post}

“Honestly, who has time to cook anymore? My daughter will probably grow up wondering what a kitchen is used for.” The lament had the predictable blend of weariness and braggadocio, unremarkable except for this woman’s post at the helm of one of the nation’s major homemaking magazines. This is modern thinking. Even keeping house does not dirty its hands with food production. Sorry, but we have work to do, the stuff that happens in an office or agency or retail outlet — waiting tables, for instance. Clicking a cash register at the speed of light. Driving a truck on a long-distance haul. We have risen above the muddy business of an agrarian society, heaven be praised. People in China and India do that for us now.
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We are blessed that every day there’s dirty work on the urban homestead.

“to get something into your brain, heart and guts, it is only through your hands.” – Jules Dervaes

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  1. Julie Young says:

    Lovely pictures – but they always have been!

    What breed of chicken is Jordanne holding? The reason I ask is that we have two of htese beauties in our mixed breed flock – which we purchased as a mixed lot of brown-egg layers from McMurray hatchery – and of course, they don’t tell you which breeds you get – you have to figure it out for yourself….and this is the one we couldn’t figure out!

    Thanks for a wonderful website.

  2. Anais says:

    Hello Julie

    Thank you for your comments,we enjoy hearing from our readers.

    To answer your question about chickens

    1. if it has feathered feet and a comb then most likely GOLDEN LACED COCHIN

    2. if it has no feathered feet and no comb (rose comb) then mostly likely a GOLDEN LACED WYANDOTTE

    Hope this information helps. You could always send us a photo!

    See you along the path,

  3. Wendy says:

    We named the individuals in our backyard flock … to be more accurate, my daughters named their “pets”, but literary character names weren’t their first choice. As such, we have Penny, Leah, Tree-ah, Princess Layah (well, Star Wars is sort of “literary” :), Checkers, and Emily. We did have a cat named Puck, after the character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream ;).

    I think the “member’s only” area is a fantastic idea! It’s about time you started to capitalize on your popularity. You have a lot to offer, and your hard work should not go without some added benefit to your family. I have really enjoyed visiting your site for the past year or so, especially the pictures, as they give me some inspiration on what I can do in my own yard here in the extreme northeast. I’ll look forward to the new pictures ;).