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If we are afraid to be different from the world, how can we make a difference in the world? ~Rev. John I. Jenkins

Our family had a busy weekend.    As Justin reported,  there  is there a flurry of spring plantings –a  couple hundred soil blocks made and two hundred strawberry crowns in the ground.

But we also had a local outreach work on Saturday which was held at a private home for a gathering of ladies young and old .   The theme was about “bringing the revolution home” and  how we must re-skill  in order to be less dependent on  outside resources or “the yellow pages.”  Before starting the talk, we all sent up prayers for the people in Japan, noting how thankful and  blessed we all were even to have  a chance to be there that morning. After having witnessed  the destruction in Japan, we realize that  no amount of planning and preparation will save us from nature’s wrath.

Narrowing down the “exodus from the home/bringing our lives back to the home” to seven points,  this brand new “lecture” with the  open discussion that followed focused on the  baby steps we all can take to slow down and take control over our modern “24/7′ lives.

1. Work
2. School
3. Leisure (entertainment, sports, dating)
4. Meals
5. Communication
6. Goods & Services
7. Religion/Spirituality

I certainly gleaned a few ideas from the lively discussion that followed.

What great fun we had yesterday. Everyone is a stir and your younger sister had the girls all excited! Thank you! – MH

I think this was my favorite outreach group as I loved chatting with the younger girls who were so excited over the topics that were covered.   Many thanks goes  to MH for the invite & to the host family for the warm and generous hospitality – thank you!


  1. Donna Duquette says:

    I love you web site, Love everything you all do and what you stand for.A huge inspiration to so many.Your re-skill topic was great I reposted it,, i think every community ought to hold groups and re-skill the generations coming up thru to learn what the older ones can teach. So many skills and ways of life have been lost because of modern society. Myslef If i could live off the grid and never have to buy fromanother store I would be happy

  2. Konnie says:

    Love this post. It is so important for younger women learning from more experienced and your subject matter is so important. I am not so young, but because I am new at a more self-sufficient life, I learn so much from other women. Keep up your great outreach!

  3. Kari Pelletier says:

    wish you guys could have put it on web-cam or youtube or something so that some of us on the right coast could have participated. Sopunds wonderful, and it is so good to see so many younger ladies participating to make changes for our upcoming generation.!! Many blessings to you all.

    • Anais says:

      @Kari Pelletier: My sister taped it but had sound problems since there was so many little kiddos. She’ll try again next time and hopefully put it up on YouTube. Blessings to you too!

    • Anais says:

      @Kari Pelletier: Yes, yes! Next time. 😉 Blessings to you and happy spring!

  4. Aletha Anderson says:


    I was at your presentation last Saturday, I was wondering how you handle giving the soil a rest. As I said in the meeting, I have been gardening for years and move my garden every few years to avoid overworking the soil, but I am ready to turn my whole backyard into a garden so how do you deal with this?


    • Anais says:

      @Aletha Anderson: Hi there. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful spring rain. Our backyard is comprised of raised beds so that the “new” soil that comes from the animal compound (rich composted soil) is put FRESH into the raised beds to keep the soil healthy. We also have a diagram of the beds, each season and year Justin writes down what was planted in each bed so we can rotate crops.

      • Aletha Anderson says:


        Hi Anais,

        Thanks for the answer, looks like I will need to build some raised beds. I alread rotate my plantings but worry that the nutrients in the vegetables will dwindle.

        I really enjoyed your family’s presentation. I have never had a compost box before but that seems like a great idea as well.

        I love rain and will take it any season. I ecspecially enjoyed the thunder and lightening show we received this week. My Grandson and I sat up and counted the distance between the flash and the sound until it reached 15 miles. It was a great science lesson at 4:30 in the morning. And a memory that I will hold forever.

        Hope you are enjoying today’s rain.


  5. Kata says:

    Dear Family,
    I write you from Hungary, Europe and I’m amazed by the things you make at your farm. We try to make something similar as you do for approx. 1 year, we have a farm with forest between 2 villages and we decided to move there from the city of Budapest and make steps toward self sufficiency. I kept in contact with you on facebook, our name is Gyapa Alfafoldbazis, you can see our pictures if youu want.
    We try to learn from your web site because its structure is amazing for me. I have 1 question – how is it possible to make your everyday work in your beautiful garden and make such a wonderful communication at the same time? The territory, the family (4 children) and the building of our new community (we’d like to be like an “open house”, to show people that the only way is to get back to the nature and to work together, etc., later I tell you about it:), so all these things need 24 hours of our days and I hardly find time to communicate on the net although we think its very much needed, because this is the key of connecting together all this communities and connecting our thoughts and to change the world with this collective thought 🙂
    Another thing: it’s hard to find donation for starting self sufficiency and all our money went for the buying of the territory and for the everyday life of the family. We dont go to the bank because we can’t give garancy for their money and on the other hand we don’t believe in them, etc., you may know. I like very much the donation part of your site as well (grow the future) and would like to have information about it, maybe we could find some sponsors or something to start and build a different-way-thinking-community in Hungary and make strong this part of the Planet as well 🙂
    thanks in advance for your help,
    best regards and nice tomatos and happy bees 🙂
    from Hungary

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