Inch by inch, row by row – FREEDOM GROWS.

Here’s a snapshot from our garden this 4th morning.

Happy Summer & Holiday Y’all!


  1. Karen H. says:

    Glad to see you back. I am really hoping you will do more webinars this summer and fall. I love learning from your family and I really enjoyed reading your blog over the last few years. Thank you.

  2. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, your garden looks very lush and productive. Mine has struggled this year here in Nebraska. First we had a very late frost which killed the tomatoes and green peppers, then we had seven inches which resulted in flash flooding along with baseball sized hail. Then the neighbor’s yard service sprayed weeds on a windy day and the replanted garden got a whiff of the spray and have been sickly ever since. The only thing that made it through the challenges and still is growing with vigor has been the potatoes. Farmer’s market will have to suffice for this summer’s produce.

    Have a great summer harvesting day.

  3. Lorraine Fahlman says:

    Your family is so inspiring to me. I am in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. We started gardening this summer and it is so awesome. Next summer our back yard will be all more lawn. We are going to put in a wood stove to heat our house this winter. Years ago I used to love preserving food, but somewhere along the way I gave everything up to join the rat race. Thank you for helping me turn back to my roots.

  4. Anita Dawson says:

    I am so glad that you are back sharing with us. Your garden is beautiful.

  5. Robee Mae says:

    I’d be interested to know more about raised bed maintenance and path care. I’ve been trying the ‘Ruth Stout method’ with what I call the ‘ugly garden’ using mulching and no defined raised bed areas. Grass control is difficult, and not having access to enough mulching materials. I’d like to try the raised bed idea now; before it seemed limiting to me and the starter materials too expensive. Thank you for sharing with us.



    I am inspired by your simple and most productive life style. I am a retired military and after wars I found myself without a purpose and direction. I am diagnosed with many war syndromes and unable to hold a full time job. Your video has really brought tears to my eyes and I wish I can do a portion of what you do, I started my garden late this year here in Monterey, CA and have had some luck on tomatoes and transplanted lettuces. I mostly garden for therapy and just smile when I see fresh tomatoes on its vine.
    In short I am amazed of your hard work and beautiful family.

    Please continue to inspire others as you did me.

  7. Teresa says:

    I am thrilled to have discovered your videos on YouTube and your website. I have been experimenting with alternative lifestyles for as long as I can remember. I just finished ordering my first rare seeds, heirloom seeds, and I will begin the journey of raising my own food for the first time this summer. I have a daughter who lives in LA. I would dearly love to be able to pay your urban homestead a visit the next time I am in the area. I have no idea whether you welcome visitors or in my case quiet spectators. The best of luck with your continued endeavors. You are an inspiration!

  8. Salacia says:

    I can think of many awesome people in this present world, but in my view, you are amongst the most awesome of all.
    You honor and restore Earth, create with your small portion far beyond what anyone would imagine possible, rise up above countless challenges, and then even have the energy to share with others.

  9. Elsa Mouton says:

    Hello everyone !!

    I found out about you and your story on growing your own food. You and your children are such an inspiration to me. I actually have started planting some vegetables and well, I’m just beginning. I’d love to learn how can I starting my path to freedom !


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