Growing Forward

Summer is a time,  if blessed by rain and good weather, the fruits of our labor are ready to harvest.

This year we have finally felt that we can pop our heads above the waterline.  When friends and folks ask “how you guys doing?” our simple answer to them is, “We are still here.”  To be here –  still growing food, still running the Urban Homestead and still growing the future was not an easy task.   The struggles and challenges of running family farm have now passed on to our shoulders after the sudden death of Jules Dervaes 1947-2016. Though burden by our own griefs and bouts of depression and insecurities, each day we knew the basics of what needed to be done – feed the hens, water the plants and tend to the crops.   Each day we grew in strength and hope for the future and here we are today.  Keeping the Urban Homestead doors open to the community.

We’ve launched a podcast, plus a volunteer program and have continued to nurture the community with workshops and tours for schools, scouts and individuals.

Not only that, but also we’ve partnered with Open Silo to host food and farming events and networked at Eco-Breakfast sponsored by Transition Pasadena.

This summer, we are thrilled to announce that the Urban Homestead is now a 501.   We have grown out of our 508 and into a 501, sowing new ground with leaders and groups in our community.

As a 501, we are now selecting our board members and will be highlighting our team members so you can get to know them, too!

Since opening our our doors to the community back in 2001, we can’t thank our friends and fans enough for the support they have given us these last 20 years.

With the inception of the 501, we are going to need your support even more! Please stay tuned how you can donate to grow our outreach and educational programs.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support.

We are truly grateful,

The Dervaes Family (Anais, Justin & Jordanne)


  1. Sérgio Pecoraro says:

    Hello Congratulations for your work!
    I would like to be with you! If there is interest I am from Brazil. I am an architect and my nutritionist wife. Thank you.

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