The 100 Foot Diet Challenge is a proactive protest and rally against skyrocketing food prices and food feats that are making headlines across the world.

Coming up roses? Not any more as UK gardeners turn to vegetables

Is your grocery bill going up? You’re not alone

Surging costs of groceries hit home

U.S. organic food industry fears GMO contamination

Families’ shopping list

Could this be just the beginning, are you prepared to grow your own food?

Be Sure – Grow Your Own

Why? Grow for freedom, grow for purpose.

1. know your food source
2. reduce food miles
3. combat climate change and energy dependence
4. save on rising food prices
5. start a homegrown revolution

With this Victory Garden – 100 foot Diet Challenge you will be sure to take back your food source empowering you to take even more sustainable steps like producing your own fuel, energy and raising animals – starting your very own urban homestead. Growing food is one of the most radical acts – by growing food you are in danger of becoming free…. a journey that starts with a seed and ends in a revolution.

Growing Highlights

Participants are still growing, I believe we’ve surpassed a 100 milestone! Pretty soon I’ll be out of a job – yep, time for me bid adieu and move on to other exciting projects that are in the works. Even though I will be vacating this position I gladly had it over to an automatic system. All such participants blog postings will automatically feed onto our new community platform. Neat eh?

The amazing Simply Belinda shares another one of her tasty meal and recipe.

The Purloined Letter shows that growing your own, even if “just a little bit” is small steps in the right direction.

The Quince family’s still waiting for the ground to thaw and share this tasty mushroom dish

New participant Beautiful Each Day shares her family’s first ‘100 foot’ meal complete with eggs from the family’s chickens.

gkmeal.jpg South Pasadena Freedom Gardeners homegrown and homemade meal

Our neighbors to the South… South Pasadena that is inform us of their latest growings on:

The garden is looking good here. Wild flowers that I threw all over the yard are starting to bloom in places. That is fun. Been eating lots off greens, celery (you didn’t mention in your post that store bought celery never has leaves, our favorite part), broccoli and believe it or not we have some peas (took long enough) We’re going to eat some of our turnips tonight! We have a new personal challenge. We are no longer buying bread at the store anymore. Maybe some specialty stuff like farmers market pita bread or Indian Naan….but no more loaves. We’re designating Sunday as a day to bake bread for the week. K made her first loaf the other day with fresh herbs from the garden. It was good for a first try (in a long time) and was the perfect texture, but was missing something…we couldn’t put our finger on it. Do you have any favorite bread recipes you would like to share…or tips?

Thanks for pointing that out – store bought celery not only is stripped of it’s chlorophyll but also it’s leaves.

As for bread, I like the No-Knead bread. It’s quick and easy and very tasty. Also another favorite is Sprout Bread (I could polish off a whole loaf to myself – this is a dangerous recipe to try if you love bread)

For those of your who are looking for recipes from the urban homestead, thanks to the new categories information and tidbits are much easier to find. At the right hand side of this journal, click main category ‘In the Kitchen’ an the sub category ‘Recipe Box’ will show up taking you to published recipes.

Once again, great job everyone. Thanks for sharing your growing efforts.

Coming soon a new homegrown community (see post below for sneak peek) A site that will bring together and encourage people to GROW, WEIGH and EAT a % of their food.

Can’t wait? Me neither! We are counting on you to spread the word across the blogsphere (eco news sites, message boards, blogs, etc, etc) and throughout your community (church, print newsletters, schools – where ever). We need field hands and willing workers to sow the seeds – can you dig it?

Once again PTF is growing and we are blessed to be sharing this growth we even more people.

Spread the word, there’s a homegrown revolution taking place in back, front, side and balconies across the world. Let’s get growing!

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: KH $20

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  1. Kaitlin says:

    Hi Anais,

    It would be awesome if you would add a tag called “Recipes” that you would use every time you post a recipe or a link to one. It would be super great to easily be able to see those all at once and to be able to find them again later.

    I used your new tag system last night to check out your chicken posts and re-find the one about Apple Cider Vinegar (I’ve got 3 baby chicks I just picked up and the feed store recommended that I use electrolyte but I didn’t really like that idea so wanted to see the dosage on the ACV) anyway, *so* helpful to be able to pull up all the chicken posts at one time.

    I’d love to do that with the great recipes you’ve shared in the past – and will share in the future.


  2. Anais says:


    Thanks for your comment. The TAG are certainly nifty aren’t they.

    The reason you are having a hard time navigating your way through is that we just recently instigated the TAG system. I will have to go back and enter tags in each and every post back to 2001. This will take some time…. does anyone have a quicker and easier way to do this?

    Suggestions would be appreciated.


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