After a brief hiatus, PTF is back hosting an event — and hopefully more to come.

Sunday’s recent screening & potluck was our first “open to the public” event we’ve hosted in a long time (we had lots of urban homesteading related projects that have kept us busy) and it was certainly a huge success.

Combining community potluck with a hard hitting documentary about Monsanto it was time to get folks aware of the looming food threaten our nation and the world.

Over 165 folks reserved, 125 actually turned out – WOW! Our “events” mailing list has certainly grown that’s for sure.

No way our little homestead was going to fit that many people – or we could but we have to host three or four consecutive events instead of one. It’s a fact folks, we’ve outgrown our humble abode. Lucky for us we have a school next door which has allowed us to rent (at a neighborly discount) their large and very accomodating facility!

A special thanks to those who came out to support PTF. Your donations and purchases are growing the future for projects like,, a new revamped PTF site and will allow us to continue to put on even more such community events. The more support, the more we are able to accomplish. Who knows what we’ll be able to accomplish?

We like to thank Johnny’s for donating seeds. And to those of you who purchased our new tees and took a guess at the amount of views the Homegrown Revolution video had on YouTube. The winner will be receiving a gift courtesy of Peddler’s Wagon.

Last but not least, a big thanks to our wonderful volunteers (David, Struan, Kelly, Janice, Lauren, Karen, Johan & Ronald) who helped make this event operate and run without a hitch.

Shall we do it again?  We’re contemplating what our next event will be, so stay tuned. 

Suggestion, comments, review of last night’s event are welcome.

Folks line up by the food tables.  Left background: our 12 solar panels sit atop the garage. 

All eyes on the screen.

Coming back for seconds, folks enjoy the wonderful food spread

A “full house” rivieted to the screen as the documentary begins.

Two of our wonderful volunteer staff.  Thanks ya’ll.

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  1. Janice K says:

    This is wonderful! I have seen this Documentary already, and it was enraging to see what the Mega Corps are trying to do to us “little regular folks”. They are trying to dominate all of us through control of food and basics such as keeping seed for the the next season! This is Slavery! Anyhow, sorry for the ranting… I’m glad so many people turned out and has had the chance to see for themselves what is happening and what they can do to save themselves and genetic diversity.

  2. Mark H says:

    I would like to know where you got your solar panels? We are looking into going solar up here on the olympic peninsula of washington state. Love your site and all that you do. You have inspired us to start a raised bed garden. We have 5 raised beds, some blackberry, raspberry, strawberry plants. And 5 dwarf fruit trees on our little homestead in Sequim, Washington.
    Any info on the solar system would be appreciated.

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