I know it’s not really “homesteady” news but such news is one of the most important aspects of urban homesteading — sharing with our neighbors.

Requests are pouring in – folks want us here, there.   Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere.

Sadly the much anticipated Tennessee trip has been postponed.  Unfortunately the Appalachian film festival couldn’t arrange for our accommodations nor assist in helping us put on an urban homesteading presentation afterwards so we could pay for our air fare and travel expenses.    We are pretty (extremely) bummed but are hoping that some of the kind TN folks who contacted us can arrange for something in the future.   We’d really love to come and swap howdies with ya’ll.

Besides that HUGE disappointment, we did have some good news! The International Festival of Sustainable Development Films – ekotopfilm 2010 has chosen  film, Homegrown Revolution, to get the Prize of the Mayor of the Capitol City of Slovakia – Bratislava.

The work and inspiration of the Urban Homestead is constantly spreading!

While our little film sows inspiration, we’ve been busy building community – online and in person.  Some online highlights you that should take notice of:

1. At Barnyards and Backyards there’s going to be a bunch of GIVEAWAYS.  How do I know this, well, there are FIVE HUGE boxes that arrived here the other day and are just waiting to find good homes.    So head on over, there’s already another one going on right now, check it out, perhaps you’ll win this nifty Avian Waterer

2. Freedom Gardens is highlighting it’s Gardener of the Month and much much more! Check out the articles written by our new contributing writers.   So mosey on over to our social networks that are growing a sustainable community.

There’s still more events planned (check the calendar) and some of what we’ve been apart of already….

Food Panelist, Downtown LA

Downtown LA Film Festival

Girl Scout Fair at Cal Tech

Kids crowd around our booth/table

and line up to take a spin on the bike blender

Answering questions

The kids loved the tromboncino squash (

The future of food at UCLA

"Skyping" into Rutgers University

Food & Justice Dinner at Occidental College

Invite the Urban Homesteaders

If you would like to involve or invite the “first family of urban homesteading”  – we can, if possible make appearances in person or by Skype contact us

Thanks to generous support of our readers we are hoping to continue to do that for another year.  If you’ve gleaned information and inspiration haven’t already supported our non profit outreach you can by either purchasing the Little Homestead in the City Calendar, donate or make a purchase from our Supply or Seed store.


  1. Ginger says:

    Your bike blender reminds me of Gilligan’s Island. Too bad about your trip. Maybe next year.

    • Anais says:

      @Ginger: I know, too bad. We would and WILL travel if we can (by holding an event) cover our expenses, have a place to stay (sleep on the ground if we have too) and good food to eat.

  2. Ben Wideman says:

    Nice photo of the Oxy event! Glad to have you all here.

    • Anais says:

      @Ben Wideman: Thanks for having us! Appreciate the invite. Hopefully the students there will continue the dialogue. Also it was nice to have finally met you in person after lurking around your blog for a few years. 😉

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