People crowd around the homegrown goodies on the Freedom Garden Swap Table

So Cal Freedom Gardeners man/woman the table

Chow time!

Sharing stories and growing experiences

Sharing of good food and fellowship

Farmer D gives out questions to the pop quiz and handed out 10 prizes.

Check out more photos from last night’s event here

Nearly 90 people turned out for another of PTF’s FILM & FOOD NIGHT.  Want to thank everyone again for contributing some great dishes and Stan for letting us borrow some of his awesome film lights for the evening’s activities that were completely held outdoors.  And of course to all our wonderful group of volunteers whose willing hands make light the work.

The goats made their appearance and so did PEEPS (aka Tipsy) one of the special hens that belong to a local Freedom Gardener.

As always the animals were a hit with the adults and kids alike.

For those of you who were interested in who won the lemon verbena kombucha brew off.   Well, we “won” by default since the other contestant couldn’t find a sprig of lemon verbena anywhere in Ventura County.  Of course by the end of the event we made sure to remedy that!I was a bit jealous of her really cool bottles though and have ordered myself a few for our homebrewing efforts.

A few of you were interested in one of the slides that was projected on the screen prior to the pop quiz.  The chart that was shown was a diagram of WHO OWNS WHAT.  Check it out, you may be surprised to learn who owns your favorite natural food company.

UPDATE: Check out more graphs from the ORGANIC INDUSTRY (thanks Stacy for passing this along)

It was great to see that the film we screened (SEED HUNTER) sparked quite a lively debate and discussion afterwards.  The dialogue this film produced was food for thought- from how there’s more gluten in modern wheat, to who owns the vault of seeds in Norway and the interest these companies have to the future of our food supply.

Also want to thank one of our dear volunteers (Susan) who treated the volunteers to organic ice cream after the event.  Such a treat after everyone worked so hard.

Stay tuned our next event will be in Santa Monica on Sunday September 6.  Details will be forthcoming but mark your calendars because it’s shaping up to be another great homegrown community event.


  1. Stacy says:

    For even more data on the Organic Industry Structure chart (plus additional charts/data), the original source:

    Thanks for continuing to provide such a great resource for building community!

  2. Victoria says:

    Is there anyway you could put up (or link to) a larger version of that chart? Must be getting too old, but I can’t read it, and when I try to view larger on my computer, it just gets pixellated & still difficult to read. And I’m really interested in seeing the details on it.

    I just found out today that one of our largest wholefood/organic outlets here (Australia that is) has sold out to huge supermarket chain.

  3. Chiot's Run says:

    Love the aprons Jordanne & Anias!!!

    I also enjoyed the chart. This is exactly why I try to find a local source for everything. I love visiting the farm, chatting with the farmer and giving him my money instead of huge agri-business. Plus nothing beats that community feeling of knowing the farmer you get your milk from or knowing all the local growers at the farmer’s market.

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