Well, sadly, our laptop died so I am behind in bringing you all the latest happenings from the ‘stead.

We did get some rain and temperatures are back to normal – cold.  After the rain clouds left last night up went the row covers.  Good thing because this morning there’s ice.   Though the warm weather was nice, it just was too weird for this time of year so it’s back to bundling up.

The swap n trade table starts to fill up

Hmmm, look at all those homegrown goodies – what to choose, what to choose?

Freedom Gardeners look after the tables full of goodies

Potluck time

A Freedom Gardener comes all the way from our old haunts in Dade City Florida… actually he was in town on business.

Volunteers hang out

Sunday’s Event

View more photos from the event

About 80 people attended PTF latest community event and nearly 1/2 were Freedom Gardeners !

The Freedom Garden swap n trade table was piled full of seeds, tangerines, lemons, jars of homemade olives, aloe plants, cabbage and onion starts, avocados, herbs, goat cheese and much much more.

The film of the night was Human Footprint which showed in dramatic form how much stuff we humans use in our lifetime.  Two ladies on leaving the screening commented that they were going home “to get rid of their clothes and not eat anymore.”  Though their comments were slightly exaggerated after seeing the film you can’t help but think how much strain our modern lifestyle has on the health of the planet.

That evening we were bombarded with the problems of our consumerist lifestyle and here’s a few helpful solutions to reduce your footprint.

24 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Posted on October 15, 2008 by justlists

(ref: Low Carbon Diet: A 30 day program to lose 5000 pounds by David Gershon)

The primary cause of global warming is carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels. The typical American household generates 55,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Through our purchases, we are also indirectly responsible for another 17%. By contrast, the typical German household contributes 27,000 pounds and the average Swedish household only contributes 15,000 pounds. Clearly, there’s room for us to improve! Here are some ideas for going on a Low Carbon Diet.

1. Reduce garbage/solid waste
2. Reduce hot water when you take a shower
3. Reduce water when washing dishes
4. Wash and dry clothes efficiently
5. Turn down the thermostat
6. Turn appliances all the way off
7. Cool your house more efficiently
8. Reduce vehicle miles traveled
9. Drive more fuel efficiently
10. Eat lower on the food chain
11. Make your water heater more efficient
12. Install energy efficient lights
13. Seal air leaks in your home
14. Tune up your furnace
15. Achieve maximum energy efficiency
16. Switch to renewable energy
17. Maintain an efficient car
18. Buy a fuel-efficient car
19. Neutralize your carbon footprint by planting trees and purchasing carbon offsets
20. Encourage people you know to go on a Low Carbon Diet
21. Help your workplace reduce its CO2 footprint
22. Help your community go on a Low Carbon Diet
23. Help your community set up CO2 reduction systems
24. Help children adopt environmentally sustainable lifestyles

Read Low Carbon Diet: A 30 day program to lose 5000 pounds by David Gershon to learn more details and other practical ways to go on a low carbon diet.

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