march2ndwkmeals.jpg Basket of homeraised eggs, homegrown vegetables, homemade bread and homegrown meal – stuffed homegrown and homepreserved grape leaves (YUM!)

Another weekly meal wrap up of what we urban homesteaders harvested and enjoyed. Still using homegrown/preserved items from last summer’s harvest. Canning and food preservation truly pays off when you can extend your garden’s harvest.

Before the upcoming onslaught of spring and summer crops I’m taking stock of all the homepreseved goodies. It’s a good time to start whittling away at the dwindling homepreserved supplies to make room for this years harvest.


Breakfast – homemade meyer lemon waffles (local meyer lemon, homeraised eggs, organic flour and milk) with homegrown and preserved canned peaches
Dinner – homemade, organic whole wheat tortillas, homemade spanish rice (organic CA grown rice, homegrown tomatoes, green onions and spices) topped with organic black beans, homegrown tomatoes, cilantro and organic cheese


Breakfast – homemade granola
Lunch – leftovers from Saturday dinner
Dinner – organic macaroni and cheese with steamed homegrown greens and daikon radish with homegrown salad


Breakfast – homemade granola
Lunch – leftover rice from Saturday dinner with homegrown tomatoes and cilantro
Dinner – homemade rosemary (homegrown) no knead bread, with omelet (homeraised eggs, homegrown tomatoes, green onions and celery)


Breakfast – homemade granola
Lunch – lightly steamed homegrown greens with lemon (local) parsley (homegrown) butter with homegrown salad with homegrown tomatoes and daikon radish
Dinner – homegrown and homepreserved grape leaves stuffed with organic CA grown organic rice with homegrown green onions, homegrown celery and organic cranberries with homegrown salad with homegrown snow peas and homegrown daikon radish


Breakfast – homemade granola
Lunch – homemade creamed green soup (assorted homegrown greens and organic potatoes)
Dinner – leftovers from Lunch with organic CA grown rice


Breakfast – homemade granola
Lunch – leftovers from Wednesday with organic CA grown rice
Dinner – pizza topped with homegrown tomatoes, daikon radish and green onions, organic cheese with homegrown salad with homegrown daikon radish


Breakfast – homemade granola
Lunch – homegrown snow peas and peas with organic pasta and homemade (organic) cheese sauce with homegrown salad with homegrown tomatoes and daikon radish
Dinner – homemade wine (made with homegrown grapes) homegrown salad with homegrown daikon radish, organic whole wheat pasta with homemade tomato sauce (homegrown tomatoes, green onions, herbs)

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  1. Emily B says:

    Reading your meals each week, I go green with envy. I wish we could eat so much homegrown product, but locally grown organic food will do for now with the little bit we grow, until the yard renovations are complete and the final gardens can go in. *sigh but the wait….*
    Your bread looks so yummy! Is it cooked in the cob oven?
    Alos is there somewhere I could find your granola recipe? I have tried afew but am yet to come across one we all like.
    Thank you for all your hard work, it is so inspiring to read about your family each day and your wonderful work!
    Emily B, Australia

  2. becky says:

    your blog and lifestyle is such an inspiration. i have just recently discovered ptf, lucky me! your meals look and sound delicious. would you be willing to share the recipe for the rosemary no knead bread? it looks scrumptious in the picture and i know it would be a hit around here!

  3. Anais says:

    Hello Emily

    Thanks for your positive comment! Glad you enjoying these meal posts as much as I enjoying making the meals.

    Yep, I have posted the GROOVY GRANOLA recipe a few times and thanks to the new search feature and catergories you can search to find past posted recipes.

    The granola recipe can be found at

    Let me know how your family likes it.


  4. Anais says:

    Greeting Becky and welcome!

    We are blessed that we are able to share and inspire others.

    The No-Knead Bread recipe can be found here

    I just tweaked it a bit and added a few leaves of fresh homegrown rosemary – delicious!


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