Delivering 1000 nasturtiums

unday, March 27th (2pm-3pm) at Proyecto Jardin Community Garden (1718 Bridge Street) in Boyle Heights, join Jules Dervaes as he presents “Profiting From Your Garden.”  

One of our clients is catering for a Saks Fifth Avenue gig with U2’s Bono and his new “conscious” clothes line Edun. She’s ordered some edible flowers for the event on Friday. Our caterer and restaurant client’s volume of ordering is increasing as it does each Spring. A good thing for us after going through a typical slow winter in terms of orders and cash flow.   From all the signs, it looks to be a good nasturtium year.   Nasturtiums, along with heirloom tomatoes, mixed boxes of edible flowers, and salad mixes, are our biggest seller and very profitable. These peppery edible flowers are what help pay the bills! Last year during the peak season we were packing over 50  (50ct) boxes a week.  So, who says money doesn’t grow on “bushes?” 

Recipes using Edible Flowers

Funny story: “Off-roading in the driveway”

This afternoon we had to use our 4 wheel drive on our Suburban to get out of our driveway! Even after engaging the 4WD, Jordanne and Justin had to use wood and dry hay under the tires to eventually free the suburban.

This is the first time we’ve been stuck like this since tearing out the concrete driveway a few summer’s back. Until we figure out we want to do, the driveway is now a mixture of straw and mulch  — quite nice in summer, but because of the rain it’s pretty much a soggy mess now. It’s doing the job we wanted, retaining all water that once ran into the street and eventually into the Pacific Ocean.